Monday, September 30, 2013

Why exercise first thing in the morning?

Why exercise first thing in the morning?
Why exercise first thing in the morning?

  • Over 90% of people that exercise in the morning consistently do so in the morning.
  • When you exercise in the morning you jump start your metabolism and keep it going for hours!
  • After exercising you always feel more energy!! So yes lets start the day off right with energy.  Personally I love the natural energy I get from starting my day this way.
  • A lot of folks find that it regulates their appetite as the day goes on.
  • If you exercise at about the same time every morning and ideally wake up at the same time every day your body thrives on routine.  Your body's endocrine system adjust to that as well.  Meaning a couple of hours before you wake up your body begins to prepare to exercise it knows what is about to happen.  You benefit from this in many ways. It's much easier to wake up, Your metabolism and hormones involved are activity and exercise begins to elevate while you are sleeping.  This helps you to feel more alert and ready to take on the workout.  Hormones prepare your body for exercise by regulating blood pressure, heart rate, blood flow to your muscles.
  • I know for me personal if I don't set that time first thing in the morning I would never get to it.  Lets face it life would just get in to way.
  • The feeling when you can check something off of your list gives you a sense that you are moving in the right direction and it will help you to want to set out to finish other goals as the day goes on.  Rather then that feel of "I still need to workout"
  • Research has shown that exercise increases mental awareness.  On average it last four to ten hours after you exercise.
  • If finding time to exercise is an issue anyone can get up 30-40 minutes earlier a day (if you make exercise a priority) This may mean that you go to bed 30 minutes sooner. 
  • Lets face it if we don't do it first thing in the morning and say yeah I will try and get it in later is the same thing as when we say we are going to try and make it to a get together.  That means more likely then not we won't.
Why exercise first thing in the morning?

I know for me personally Sunday is my rest day and I try to "sleep in"  I can say all of the above things I have found to be true.  I workout at 5:30 every morning Sunday comes a long (even when the kids don't sleep well at night) and I spring out of bed even on my rest day.

So do you workout first thing in the morning?  Every day? Do you need a push out of bed to make it a routine? 

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