Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken Tortilla Soup
Five minutes before jumping in the shower it's time to create dinner in the crockpot! !
With limited time during the week to cook relying on the crockpot to do the cooking. As well as showing others you can be busy and still create a healthy meal for the family.   Making the most of the 21 day fix!!!

6 cups of low-sodium vegetable broth [or chicken broth!]
1 cup canned crushed tomatoes...
¼-1/2 cup tomatillo salsa
3 TBSP tomato paste
2 TBSP olive oil
3 cups black beans [cooked or canned]
1-2 cups pinto beans [cooked or canned]
3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
4 small corn tortillas, torn into small pieces
2 small onions [approx 1 cups]
2 jalapenos
1 large bell pepper
juice of ½ a fresh lime
1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp cumin
½ tsp cayenne pepper
salt, to taste [amount added will vary on sodium content of broth + tomatoes/beans]
shredded mexican cheese blend
crunchy tortilla chips add your favorites from the list below:
greek yogurt
tortilla strips
chopped red onion
chopped green onion
sliced jalapenos
sliced avocado
For a brothier soup, keep a bit of extra vegetable or chicken broth on hand to add towards the end. I like my soup hearty and skipped the "soupy" soup this time around!
1.Essentially you're going to toss everything in and walk away,
2.Turn your slow cooker to high and add broth, crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, tomatillo salsa, beans and chicken breasts, whole.
3.Next dice your bell pepper, jalapeno, and onion and tear your corn tortilla into small pieces before tossing them into the pot as well. The corn tortillas help the soup to thicken a bit and also act as noodles!
4.Add your seasonings,olive oil, and lime juice + cover.
5.Within a few hours the chicken breasts should be juicy and perfectly cooked, if you happen to be around, feel free to scoop them out with tongs or a fork, place them on a cutting board, and chop each breast into six large pieces. Now it'll shred oh-so-easily! Use two forks to create pulled/shredded chicken and add it back to your slow cooker. If you aren't home yet you can complete this step once you return. No worries!
6.The soup will simmer away on high for four-six hours [total time] and make your kitchen smell absolutely amazing

Family and living life to the fullest
Sums up what we're all about
A little tipsy from time to time

Finding balance during a time of the year life is full...
Looking for the small things daily to stop and be thankful for
Happiness starts from within
And doing things unconventional
Life is short to just survive
So many opportunities and goals to go after
As a busy mom yes you can have the best of both worlds.
But before you tackle any goal set out to be your own best version.
I enjoy helping other woman to work towards their own personal best

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Brownie Batter Overnight Oatmeal

 Brownie Batter Overnight Oatmeal

I absolutely LOVE this Overnight Oatmeal In A Jar Recipe. It’s so easy to make and the results are delicious. Even if you’re not a fan of oatmeal, you will love this one. It’s creamy, sweet and packed with flavor and texture. Unlike that instant oatmeal they sell at the grocery store.
This is the perfect thing to dig your spoon in. Forget about breakfast, this also works as an afternoon pick me up. Add your favorite toppings and you’re good to go.

1 cup Unsweetened almond milk
1/2 cup lain low fat Greek yogurt (or mashed banana, or pumpkin)
2 tbs Unsweetened cocoa powder
1/8 tspSalt
2 tbs Baking stevia
1 cup Old fashioned oats
Prep time to make this recipe is 5-10 minutes.

Brownie Batter Overnight Oatmeal

In a small bowl, mix all of the ingredients together. Divide between 2 small bowls, mugs, or mason jars. Cover and refrigerate overnight (or for at least an hour (or more) so the oats soften and absorb the liquid). Top with chopped nuts or topping of choice if desired! Enjoy cold, or microwave for 30-60 seconds to enjoy warm!

Just your small town girl sharing clean eating recipes and tips along the way.