Friday, May 29, 2015

Is shakeology safe while breastfeeding?

Is shakeology safe while breastfeeding?

I get this question a lot because I myself am a nursing mother. Is Shakeology safe to drink while nursing a baby? My answer will always be to check with your doctor or lactation consultant. Most doctors are perfectly okay with Shakeology while nursing. Some doctors or LC's will say no to any supplements while nursing without even looking at the ingredients. If they do this, insist they look at the label carefully. Shakeology isn't just any supplement. 

My story:
I was introduced to shakeology two years ago while my daughter was 3 months old and at the time I was breastfeeding so of course looking into shakeology before using it was very important.  Things that stood out to me was the fact that it does not contain Soy, artificial sweeteners, & artificial flavoring these things alone can lead to soooo many healthy concerns and that is for another blog entry.  The thing about Shakeology is it's ALL chemicals, preservatives or colorings! There is HIGH QUALITY isolate protein, vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, super-greens, super-fruits and so much more.  I always struggled with cravings for sweets and shortly after drinking shakeology I started to sleep better and for once in my life I had energy my body felt like it was getting the nutrition I was lacking. I continued to drink it while being pregnant with our 3rd child this past year as well as currently using shakeology while nursing our 3 month old.  My favorite evening snack because YES you can make shakeology not only as a drink but as shakeology bark with some fresh pineapple.

I think back to being pregnant with our first son and at that time I was a waitress and the pregnancy increased the discomfort with fibromyalgia.  I hate to even think about how much medicine I took to keep the inflammation down.  With adding in shakeology daily to my life for the past two years it has helped bring the inflammation down due to the 70 super foods.  Other benefits more energy for the day, better metal clarity, keeps me full for 3 hours, helps with eating healthier as the day goes on. 

It's so important for women to realize that what you put in your body effects your milk supply. Shakeology is giving you 70 super foods and whole nutrition. The better your nutrition, the better your milk supply! 

Things to consider before using shakeology-

-If you are not used to a healthy eating lifestyle start with half a serving a day
 -If you or your baby has a dairy allergy, try the vegan formulas (chocolate or tropical strawberry)
 -Use Shakeology as a snack rather than a meal replacement, since you need the extra calories for your milk supply.  Or is your going to use it for a regular meal be willing to add calories to bulk up the drink like additional nuts, coconut oil, almond butter, etc.
Here are two of the three kids!! Trying to get a picture of all three never happens.  The kids are thriving in life and yes my son ask for shakeology as well. We don't go to the doctors but for shots very blessed for healthy children with great immune systems.
List of ingredients in Vegan-
As always take the facts into your doctor I hope this helps with learning more about shakeology and the benefits of adding it to your day.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

21 Day Fix Fruit Salsa

 21 Day Fix Fruit Salsa
Hey There!!  I love Thursday's in our kids language it's a "stay home day".  Pretty much it means I don't have to work outside of the home and we pretty much leave the day open to do whatever they would like to do.  I also like to keep things fresh and after two years of eating clean I enjoy making one new recipe a week.  Bingo we found it!!  Not only is it 21 day fix approved but the kids loved it as well.  I'm currently in the middle of doing a hybrid schedule of working out using Insanity Max 30 and ChaLean Extreme, ChaLean Extreme is designed to strength train three days a week and let's just say on those days my metabolism goes crazy and I like to keep extra water on hand as well as enjoying a treat like this.  Even though I love the 21 day fix workouts after being pregnant and doing it for the entire 9 months I was ready to change the workouts but still follow the 21 day fix nutrition guide.
21 Day Fruit Salsa


1 6inch whole wheat tortilla shell
1/2 small gala apple
1/2 purple container of frozen strawberries (partially thawed)
1 tsp of coconut oil
2 tsps of raw sugar
Cinnamon to taste
21 Day Fix Fruit Salsa

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees
Put your teaspoon of coconut oil in a small dish and melt it in the microwave (15 few seconds).
In a small dish place one of your teaspoons of raw sugar and sprinkle some cinnamon in until you get a nice even mixture of cinnamon to sugar. Place bowl to the side.
Take the tortilla shell and put it on a cutting board. Brush some of the coconut oil onto the tortilla shell until it has a slight coating over the whole shell. Then sprinkle the cinnamon/sugar mixture over the tortilla shell. 
Cut the tortilla into small triangles (chips), and then transfer the chips over to a non-stick baking sheet. 
Place in the oven for 6 to 8 minutes. 
While the chips are baking take your partially thawed strawberries and blend them and also dice up your apple into small pieces. Put the diced apples and blended strawberries into a small bowl. Sprinkle over your last teaspoon of sugar and mix. Put the bowl to the side
Once the chips are done, let them cool and then enjoy!

This counts as-Serves 1
1 yellow, 1 purple, 1 tsp (oils), and 2 tsps.

If you would like to join me with creating a healthy lifestyle I would love to share with you a system that works well for busy woman.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Freedom with time

Freedom with time

Hey there!!  Let’s jump right into writing this blog post in the past if you follow what I do as a coach you might see that I share meal plans, recipes, tips for eating while traveling, etc.  Today it’s all about life reflection this holiday weekend.  I get it if you’re on Facebook and you’re not at a point in life you pictured yourself to be at holiday weekends for me in the past would be a time of self-evaluation.  Perhaps this is a holiday weekend you’re stuck working and long for more freedom with time.  Most would think I’m passionate about working out and eating healthy (which I am) however my drive with my beachbody business goes deeper than that.  It’s freedom with time, the ability to work really hard on my own terms around my priorities (family).  21 months ago I didn’t have a clue what I was doing but I had watched others become successful and all I knew was showing up every day at my computer for the past 21 day with heart and hustle I would attract others just like myself.
Top beachbody coach

The cool thing is seeing other succeed as well as my team grows we have amazing training that will jump start your business for new coaches all held from the comfort of your computer giving the tools to walk or run with the business my goal is to meet you half way whatever those goals look like.  From that you get to decide if this business is for you or not.  Unlike a traditional you can start give it an honest go and decide if it’s a good fit for your personality.  From that it’s diving into social media and expanding your network right away that was one of my biggest fears the truth be told I met new people daily and I love sharing with others how to expand their network.  There are scripts provide and every document I use for my business and other top coaches us will be placed at your figure tips.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel it has already been created it’s just duplicating what works.  Your goal might truly be to just make an extra 100 dollars a week to a goal of retiring you from a full time job that will give freedom with time.  It’s the ability to see past other failures in life and breaking down the walls you created that leave you wondering what your purpose in life is.  At age 30 I had no idea I would be guiding others to change from the inside out but when you feel the gut feeling and it doesn’t go away it’s time to jump in. 

Top beachbody coach

Each week from the comfort of your home weekly calls are held to discuss business building ideas and concepts.  You can catch this training live or by recording.  I announced yesterday out of 10,000 coaches 30 leaders will be headed to Florida this coming September for an all-expenses paid vacation and training to learn from three of the top coaches in the network.  From that bringing everything back and sharing with my team is the goal in finishing 2015 strong. 

What it comes down to is investing time into others life and building relationship.  Learning what makes others tick and seeing their full potential before they can.  It’s so not about selling things and being great at knowing all the facts.  As a former waitress my only “sales” upselling the vodka I was using.  I had no idea those workouts like Insanity and T25 could create more freedom with time. Let’s learn more about one another and see if this would be a good fit for you and your family.  I will be holding a three day open house to learn more about what my daily task and power hour looks like for the past 21 months.  This informational group will be held May 27th a place to check in from the comfort of your home, no pressure.  To be added just fill out this form. Talk to you soon!

Top beachbody coach


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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Healthy Eating While Camping

Healthy Eating While Camping

Healthy Eating While Camping

Hey there!!  It’s hard to believe this coming weekend will be Memorial Day weekend for most that means time off of work, relaxing, eating out traveling, weekend cocktails, etc.  You name it healthy eating and exercise will go on the back burner.  My goal as a coach is not only to inspire each of you to make the best choices but to hold myself accountability as well.  The rule for the weekend is 80/20!  I mean let’s face it if we end up with a camp fire in the backyard I will be enjoying a s’more and there isn’t a way to really eat a cleaner version, buy dark chocolate?  You get what I’m saying?  So what about the rest of the meals?  Here are some ideas as you might be looking at today as your Friday and headed to grocery shop for the weekend.
Cup Salad

Make it your way!!  what I like about this idea is the fact that you can make it ahead of time and there will be zero clean up while enjoying your weekend.  If your camping grill some chicken while others make hot dogs and add the chicken to your salad.
Ideas for filling your cup-
grape tomatoes
chopped broccoli
hard boiled eggs
snow peas
red and green bell peppers
cheese, crumbled or shredded
sunflower seeds
bacon bits
bean sprouts

Side Dish- Corn over the fire

Using the crockpot while enjoying time off-  Soup it is!  It's an easy way to prep ahead and keep on low while family and friends join you around the camp fire.

Here is my all time favorite clean eating soup recipe-
Crockpot Beef Barley

Next up foil wrapped Chicken Fajita
1-1/2 cups instant brown rice, uncooked
1-1/2 cups hot water
1 Tablespoon of Taco Seasoning
4 small boneless skinless chicken breasts
1 each green and red pepper, cut into strips                                    
1/2 cup Salsa
1/2 cup Shredded Taco Cheese

Heat oven to 400ºF.
Fold up all sides of each of 4 large sheets heavy-duty foil to form 1-inch rim; spray with cooking spray. Combine rice, water and taco seasoning; spoon onto foil. Top with remaining ingredients.
Bring up foil sides; fold to make 4 packets. Place in 15x10x1-inch pan.  Bake 30 to 35 min. or until chicken is done (165ºF). Cool 5 min. Cut slits in foil to release steam before opening packets.
These are just a few ideas as the holiday weekend is right around the corner. Happy Camping!!  Hanging in the backyard!  Family, Friends, and good times.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Vegan Shakeology

Vegan Shakeology

What is Vegan Shakeology? Is Shakeology Dairy Free?
Vegan Shakeology Ingredients? Is Vegan Shakeology Gluten Free? List of ingredients? Cost? Recipes?

Hey there!!  These are great questions and in the last week I've been asked so it was time to create a blog post and share the info you've been asking for.

Is Shakeology dairy free?

The Tropical Strawberry and Chocolate Vegan Shakeology are dairy free, Lactose free and soy-free. They contain a new proprietary blend of plant-based proteins. It is ideal for those who cannot tolerate or wish to avoid whey protein. Many people find that a vegan protein is more easily digested by the body than animal protein.  Often times nursing moms find the Vegan option to be helpful.  Vegan shakeology is 100% Plant base-
  •   Maintain a healthy weight
  • Have fewer digestive issues
  • Feel lighter and more energetic


    Vegan Shakeology


    They’re smoother than ever!

    And while we beefed up our vegan flavors to make them more delicious to your 10,000 taste buds, we also added GMO-free oat protein to our original vegan protein blend of pea and rice, making the texture and consistency of our vegan shakes incredibly smooth and creamy. Plus, oat protein is a nutritious protein source that’s rich in essential amino acids (including leucine, isoleucine, and lysine). Nevertheless, you can’t go wrong with smooth and healthy.  This information has been pulled directly from the creators of Vegan Shakeology (dated May 27th 2014)

    List of ingredients-

    Vegan Shakeology

     Formula updated to help with texture and taste-

    Organic Agave Fruit powder is a wholesome, non-GMO, ingredient that imparts a sweet flavor which also contributes prebiotic fiber.  Although Shakeology was originally very low in sugar, this upgrade also lowered both the total sugar content slightly, as well as carbs.  As with most fruit, Agave contains fructose and has the added benefit of being naturally high in inulin, a prebiotic fiber, to support digestive health.  Unlike many of the cheaper sources of agave on the market, that use low quality materials and are enzymatically treated (similar to high fructose corn syrup processing) the organic agave used in Shakeology is naturally extracted without enzymes or chemical additives.

    Is Shakeology certified as Gluten Free?

    Shakeology is not certified gluten free. Although Shakeology is made with gluten-free ingredients, all Shakeology formulas are in a manufacturing facility that also processes known allergens such as soy, milk, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts and wheat (gluten) ingredients. While the manufacturing procedures follows strict, required FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), which include immediate cleaning and breaking down of equipment after every production batch and proper air filtration systems as precautionary measures, the possibility of cross-contamination can never be 100% eliminated, therefore we are required by the FDA, to include a warning that addresses this.
    Let's talk price!!  I mean sure you can head into your local GNC and pick up some protein shakeology for half the price of shakeology here's the thing you can't feel like a million bucks eating from the dollar menu.  Food in fuel for out bodies putting garbage in will only leave you feeling like crap.  Yes shakeology is a daily investment in your health and up front it seems a bit pricy because your investing in 30 healthy meals with zero clean up, zero waste, zero counting calories or nutrition, the work is already done.  It's a true meal replacement with the proper balance of complex carbs and protein.  In the United States most of use are not protein deficient but lacking nutrition.  So looking at the price of shakeology a few things to keep is not comparing it to a protein shake, no soy, no artificial sweeteners, and artificial flavorings.  This video does a great job adding up all the ways we spend money but can be eliminate in a quest to live a healthier life. 
    Vegan Peanut Butter Cup
     2 teaspoons almond butter
     1/2 banana
     4 oz almond milk
     9 oz water and ice with the chocolate
    1 scoop of chocolate shakeology
    Vegan Tropical Paradise
    8oz water
    4oz ice
    splash coconut extract
    4 oz frozen Pineapple
    1 scoop of vegan strawberry shakeology
    Vegan Shakeology

     To chat about what the best value is when ordering shakeology and receiving 25% off create a free account by going to -

    Saturday, May 16, 2015

    Shamrock Shakeology Recipe

    Shamrock Shakeology Recipe

    As our family rushed around this morning to get the house in order as we get ready for the next phase in life and sell our starter home it hit me.  I wanted a green milk shake from McDonalds you know the one they only have around Saint Patrick’s Day.  So this afternoon I was in search of the next best thing!!  After eating clean for this long YES I still enjoy foods that are not clean however I end up feeling like crap afterwards so I made a shamrock Shakeology instead.
    There are many reasons I love shakeology and drink it every day.  One being just this I can have a few flavors on hand and make a new recipe everyday.  Two years later of drinking it everyday I still enjoy it and look at it as a treat not something that is actually fueling my body with great nutrition.  I think one of the set backs as a beachbody coach is when someone says "no thanks I've tried it before".  More then likely if you just mix it up its not going to taste good at all.  I rely on my wonderful Hamilton 15.00 blender every day to blend it up just right. 
    Shamrock Shakeology Recipe
    Shamrock Shakeology 8 oz. Milk (I use almond)
    4 oz ice and water
    Splash of peppermint extract or mint water
    1 tsp. all natural Peanut Butter
    1-2 tbsp. vanilla instant pudding mix
    1 packet of Greenberry Shakeology or 1 scoop if you buy it by the bag

    Blend and enjoy!!!
    So beside making yummy recipes like this one what are the health benefits of drinking shakeology Every day?

    Also looking for other fun Recipes

    My wonderful sister Jeanette did a great job breaking down the diet cycle we all go through and the benefits that shakeology can offer to eliminate that spiral of two weeks on two weeks off.  Check it out

    Enjoy your Shamrock!! 

    Monday, May 11, 2015

    Busy mom cooks healthy

    Busy mom relies on the crockpot
    The moment in the day when I sit at the computer and I wonder if I’m half-crazy or just willing to be a little crazy in order to reach certain goals in life.  Between being a busy mom of three, breastfeeding our newest addition (Henry), working with my husband for our traditional excavation business, selling a home, buying a home, and running an online business based around helping others reach their fitness goals, the days are full!!  I truly feel blessed for each of these areas that has my attention and to be honest this is how my husband and I run life the best at.  Making quick choices, multitasking, delegating, and building dreams. 

    I put the breaks on and looked at my own health it’s easy to give to others and YES forget about my own health.  My goal this week is to dial in on nutrition I refuse to give into my life being too crazy to not eat healthy.  I’m seven weeks into working out and loving it, yes it’s hard to drag my butt out of bed at 5:00am but I truly use that time to sweat and figure out a game plan for the day.  However exercise is only 20% of weight loss and let’s face it after having a baby weight loss is on my mind. 
    Busy mom cooks healthy



    I have breakfast down- I drink shakeology every day to not only have the energy to keep up with the taste as hand each day but its quick and I need quick.  Lunch each day is the same salad and each week I just switch up the salad and I also pair it with a sweet potato.  I realize what area of the day I struggle the most with, is dinners.  So my goal this entire week is to hire a cook, AKA I’m pulling out the crockpot and using every night this week for dinner.
    Busy mom cooks healthy
    Last weeks salad  spring mix, cucumbers, sweet peppers, tomatoes, feta cheese, low sodium nitrate - free turkey, and avocado added the day I eat it. Baking off sweet potatoes to go with it, their like candy just plain my kind of carb.Bring on the warmer weather this momma is ready for sun and healthy salads.

    Things to watch out for and skip the heavy, high fat & high sugar, high sodium dressings plus any candy coated nuts. Those are just a few things that can turn what you think is healthy into a calorie over load.

    Here is tonight’s dinner-Sweet Balsamic Pork Roast
    Busy mom cooks healthy
    What tips have you used that are helpful in creating quick and easy recipes for the entire family that use the crockpot?  I would love to hear 

    Sunday, May 3, 2015

    Could coaching work for your life?

    Could coaching work for your life?

    I went back and forth about whether to share this or not but the bottom line is if I don’t share it others will never know about this opportunity.  This past week I was able to transfer $1,000.00 into our house savings fund.  It was kind of a cool feeling for many reasons beyond just a dollar amount.  A little bit about myself I’m an introvert and feared being successful as a coach but 20 months ago I knew that I would rather say I tried than to say I never did.  It all started with truly wanting to have more energy with two little ones at home I was not at my goal weight when I started coaching, I had about 100 friends on Facebook and used social media just to stock others lives like most do.  I had NO idea how to create a blog or like page.  But what I did know after two years of not working I missed that sense of creating income.  Yes my husband and I own our own traditional excavating business and I’m involved with that but I wanted something to call my own.  Over the past 20 months I would say I nailed down time management we added our third baby to the family Henry and I went from working 2 days a week for our traditional business to 4 days a week.  And to be honest the successful coaches on my team are very involved and limited on time as well.  We have a great system to share with others on how to be successful on a power hour a day.  What did I give up over the past 20 months to be successful?  Well a little sleep, the only TV show I watch in a weeks time frame is a show called Shark Tank, working while holding a baby, however these short term sacrifices have been well worth it.

    The hardest part about coaching 20 months in?

    Having others see the value in what we do as coaches, Beachbody coaching is not a get rich quick scheme however the power of sticking with it past a few months is pretty cool.  The first month I started I made $60.00 dollars most would of gave up and said this is a waste of time I’m blessed to have a “hard working mentally”.  I made my mind up I was going for the long haul and it paid off.
    “I don’t want to sell anything”
    Me too!!  I never wanted to be that crazy lady people dodged at the store.  Coaching is so much more than a bag of powered and a workout DVD it’s the connections you make with people within challenge groups.  We don’t leave others out to hang and figure it out.  Just like challenge groups I offer what is called coach basics that is a 30 day online group to learn the basics of coaching and from that group you get to decide if it’s a good fit for you or not.  There is no crazy contract, inventory to stock, and home parties to host.  I giggle because home parties just would not work I work my business while the kids sleep and having to find a sitter and be away from the home would not be a good fit.  Thank goodness for the power of social media. 
    Free trips
    Yes it’s cool to make a great income and see other coaches on our team be able to not have to work outside the home but there is more.  This past April I was given a free trip to Cancun jut for helping an average of 3 new people a month in 2014.  The really cool thing about signing up as a coach now is the chance to be on a FREE cruise in the beginning for 2015 but we would want to get started now.  These are just added bonuses above income.
    Getting paid to get in shape  
    Well did you ever think if I was to earn income while getting in shape that would be the ultimate motivator.  It is!!  I mean part of what a coach does is works out and shares their personal struggles.  There is no need to be where you want to be we are all a work in progress and each day is the chance to better our own health and the health of others around us.  Here is my transformation so far- Click Here
    What can it bring?
    Freedom with time it hit me yesterday with a Sunday Saturday spending the entire day with the family and not having to worry about heading to work on a Sunny day that this is truly a dream job.  I’m present for my kids able to work our traditional business but still able to have my own thing and create income from home at my kitchen table without any money invested other than what I was already doing to reach my own fitness goals.  The ability to surround yourself with likeminded people that have your best interest.  There is not an income cap I think as a hard worker that is always something I struggled with someone putting a value on what my time was worth each hour.  Getting to call the shots is pretty cool.  The ability to have someone say you saved their life and brought them out of a really dark place in their life.
    What’s does it take?
    Working smart
    Working on yourself physically and mentally
    Goal setting
    I will be hand picking my next group of new coaches and would love to talk with you to see if this would be a good fit for your lifestyle.  Fill out this form and I can answer additional questions from there-

    Fill out my online form.
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