Friday, May 29, 2015

Is shakeology safe while breastfeeding?

Is shakeology safe while breastfeeding?

I get this question a lot because I myself am a nursing mother. Is Shakeology safe to drink while nursing a baby? My answer will always be to check with your doctor or lactation consultant. Most doctors are perfectly okay with Shakeology while nursing. Some doctors or LC's will say no to any supplements while nursing without even looking at the ingredients. If they do this, insist they look at the label carefully. Shakeology isn't just any supplement. 

My story:
I was introduced to shakeology two years ago while my daughter was 3 months old and at the time I was breastfeeding so of course looking into shakeology before using it was very important.  Things that stood out to me was the fact that it does not contain Soy, artificial sweeteners, & artificial flavoring these things alone can lead to soooo many healthy concerns and that is for another blog entry.  The thing about Shakeology is it's ALL chemicals, preservatives or colorings! There is HIGH QUALITY isolate protein, vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, super-greens, super-fruits and so much more.  I always struggled with cravings for sweets and shortly after drinking shakeology I started to sleep better and for once in my life I had energy my body felt like it was getting the nutrition I was lacking. I continued to drink it while being pregnant with our 3rd child this past year as well as currently using shakeology while nursing our 3 month old.  My favorite evening snack because YES you can make shakeology not only as a drink but as shakeology bark with some fresh pineapple.

I think back to being pregnant with our first son and at that time I was a waitress and the pregnancy increased the discomfort with fibromyalgia.  I hate to even think about how much medicine I took to keep the inflammation down.  With adding in shakeology daily to my life for the past two years it has helped bring the inflammation down due to the 70 super foods.  Other benefits more energy for the day, better metal clarity, keeps me full for 3 hours, helps with eating healthier as the day goes on. 

It's so important for women to realize that what you put in your body effects your milk supply. Shakeology is giving you 70 super foods and whole nutrition. The better your nutrition, the better your milk supply! 

Things to consider before using shakeology-

-If you are not used to a healthy eating lifestyle start with half a serving a day
 -If you or your baby has a dairy allergy, try the vegan formulas (chocolate or tropical strawberry)
 -Use Shakeology as a snack rather than a meal replacement, since you need the extra calories for your milk supply.  Or is your going to use it for a regular meal be willing to add calories to bulk up the drink like additional nuts, coconut oil, almond butter, etc.
Here are two of the three kids!! Trying to get a picture of all three never happens.  The kids are thriving in life and yes my son ask for shakeology as well. We don't go to the doctors but for shots very blessed for healthy children with great immune systems.
List of ingredients in Vegan-
As always take the facts into your doctor I hope this helps with learning more about shakeology and the benefits of adding it to your day.

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