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Could coaching work for your life?

Could coaching work for your life?

I went back and forth about whether to share this or not but the bottom line is if I don’t share it others will never know about this opportunity.  This past week I was able to transfer $1,000.00 into our house savings fund.  It was kind of a cool feeling for many reasons beyond just a dollar amount.  A little bit about myself I’m an introvert and feared being successful as a coach but 20 months ago I knew that I would rather say I tried than to say I never did.  It all started with truly wanting to have more energy with two little ones at home I was not at my goal weight when I started coaching, I had about 100 friends on Facebook and used social media just to stock others lives like most do.  I had NO idea how to create a blog or like page.  But what I did know after two years of not working I missed that sense of creating income.  Yes my husband and I own our own traditional excavating business and I’m involved with that but I wanted something to call my own.  Over the past 20 months I would say I nailed down time management we added our third baby to the family Henry and I went from working 2 days a week for our traditional business to 4 days a week.  And to be honest the successful coaches on my team are very involved and limited on time as well.  We have a great system to share with others on how to be successful on a power hour a day.  What did I give up over the past 20 months to be successful?  Well a little sleep, the only TV show I watch in a weeks time frame is a show called Shark Tank, working while holding a baby, however these short term sacrifices have been well worth it.

The hardest part about coaching 20 months in?

Having others see the value in what we do as coaches, Beachbody coaching is not a get rich quick scheme however the power of sticking with it past a few months is pretty cool.  The first month I started I made $60.00 dollars most would of gave up and said this is a waste of time I’m blessed to have a “hard working mentally”.  I made my mind up I was going for the long haul and it paid off.
“I don’t want to sell anything”
Me too!!  I never wanted to be that crazy lady people dodged at the store.  Coaching is so much more than a bag of powered and a workout DVD it’s the connections you make with people within challenge groups.  We don’t leave others out to hang and figure it out.  Just like challenge groups I offer what is called coach basics that is a 30 day online group to learn the basics of coaching and from that group you get to decide if it’s a good fit for you or not.  There is no crazy contract, inventory to stock, and home parties to host.  I giggle because home parties just would not work I work my business while the kids sleep and having to find a sitter and be away from the home would not be a good fit.  Thank goodness for the power of social media. 
Free trips
Yes it’s cool to make a great income and see other coaches on our team be able to not have to work outside the home but there is more.  This past April I was given a free trip to Cancun jut for helping an average of 3 new people a month in 2014.  The really cool thing about signing up as a coach now is the chance to be on a FREE cruise in the beginning for 2015 but we would want to get started now.  These are just added bonuses above income.
Getting paid to get in shape  
Well did you ever think if I was to earn income while getting in shape that would be the ultimate motivator.  It is!!  I mean part of what a coach does is works out and shares their personal struggles.  There is no need to be where you want to be we are all a work in progress and each day is the chance to better our own health and the health of others around us.  Here is my transformation so far- Click Here
What can it bring?
Freedom with time it hit me yesterday with a Sunday Saturday spending the entire day with the family and not having to worry about heading to work on a Sunny day that this is truly a dream job.  I’m present for my kids able to work our traditional business but still able to have my own thing and create income from home at my kitchen table without any money invested other than what I was already doing to reach my own fitness goals.  The ability to surround yourself with likeminded people that have your best interest.  There is not an income cap I think as a hard worker that is always something I struggled with someone putting a value on what my time was worth each hour.  Getting to call the shots is pretty cool.  The ability to have someone say you saved their life and brought them out of a really dark place in their life.
What’s does it take?
Working smart
Working on yourself physically and mentally
Goal setting
I will be hand picking my next group of new coaches and would love to talk with you to see if this would be a good fit for your lifestyle.  Fill out this form and I can answer additional questions from there-

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