Saturday, May 16, 2015

Shamrock Shakeology Recipe

Shamrock Shakeology Recipe

As our family rushed around this morning to get the house in order as we get ready for the next phase in life and sell our starter home it hit me.  I wanted a green milk shake from McDonalds you know the one they only have around Saint Patrick’s Day.  So this afternoon I was in search of the next best thing!!  After eating clean for this long YES I still enjoy foods that are not clean however I end up feeling like crap afterwards so I made a shamrock Shakeology instead.
There are many reasons I love shakeology and drink it every day.  One being just this I can have a few flavors on hand and make a new recipe everyday.  Two years later of drinking it everyday I still enjoy it and look at it as a treat not something that is actually fueling my body with great nutrition.  I think one of the set backs as a beachbody coach is when someone says "no thanks I've tried it before".  More then likely if you just mix it up its not going to taste good at all.  I rely on my wonderful Hamilton 15.00 blender every day to blend it up just right. 
Shamrock Shakeology Recipe
Shamrock Shakeology 8 oz. Milk (I use almond)
4 oz ice and water
Splash of peppermint extract or mint water
1 tsp. all natural Peanut Butter
1-2 tbsp. vanilla instant pudding mix
1 packet of Greenberry Shakeology or 1 scoop if you buy it by the bag

Blend and enjoy!!!
So beside making yummy recipes like this one what are the health benefits of drinking shakeology Every day?

Also looking for other fun Recipes

My wonderful sister Jeanette did a great job breaking down the diet cycle we all go through and the benefits that shakeology can offer to eliminate that spiral of two weeks on two weeks off.  Check it out

Enjoy your Shamrock!! 

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