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Benefits of drinking shakeology daily

Benefits of drinking shakeology daily

I know for me personal when I joined a challenge group I thought why is shakeology so much?  Someone is making money off of me because I just got sucked into something.  But I decided to just do it!  So I drank it daily just like my coach advised me to do.  And trust me I did not see much of a change in the first 5 or 6 days.  But what I did notice after about the second week was I was staying full longer, I had a ton of energy, my joints did not hurt as much, my eyes felt like I was way more alert, over all I felt just a small edge of the affects of drinking shakeology daily. 
Benefits of drinking shakeology daily

Confession I'm a due it myself kind of person, so I watched my coach on Facebook for months and thought great all of these folks are having great success I can do that "on my own".  So I bought a beachbody program from a yard sale and a few packets of shakeology off of e-bay (worst idea ever!!  Who knows were the shakelogy came from).  I poped the DVD in and hated it!!  Yep I had know idea why but I could not keep up and gave up.  Come to find out I was not in the right shape to be starting with that workout.  Next I make a shakeology and I thought this thing sucks!!  How could anyone thing this is good.  I had know idea how to make it and I did not know some of the best recipes to use.  So I only used it for two days.  Of course I did not see the value in it because I did it for two days.  So moral of the story it's ok to ask for help and I'm so glad I did.  Absolutely you can buy beachbody workout and shakeology for a little less money on other sights but lets be honest you don't get accountability that is where a coach is so important and plays such a big part in your fitness goals.  I don't take it lightly either every night I spend a good hour reading, learning, and applying.  I'm not a fitness expert or do I have a degree in nutrition but what I do have is a system that has shown to work success story after success story. 

So back to shakeology who needs it?  Everyone and in this blog I will explain why everyone needs it, it does not matter your age my kids drink it as well.  So yes you won't see a big shift in the first few days of drinking shakeology but on about day 6-7 you will notice a small shift in energy and not an energy you get from drinking a Red Bull.  Drinking it daily is key if you only drink it 4 or 5 days a week here and their you won't be able to notice a difference. 

Price it cost to much
Most diseases in your body is caused by inflammation, heart disease, migraine, arthritis, diabetes you will be able to delay or prevent the majority of these by decreasing inflammation.  How does shakeology reduce inflammation? with 70 super foods period you will not find another nutritional shake on the market that comes close to 70 super foods. Maybe your someone that wants to start a family invest in getting yourself healthy and be the example.  Maybe your someone that has kids grown and our out of the house and your starting to see your parents health changing.  Weather or not we invest in a car payment daily or money into an investment also invest money into yourself. 
So ask yourself what is it expensive compared to? 

Why is shakeology not FDA approved?
This is simple because food and supplements don't need to be FDA approved and let me just say if a drug is FDA approved that means nothing.  The power of putting money in the pockets of others to have drugs approved is just scary.

So how does Shakeology compare to other nutritional shakes on the market?

READ labels!!  I'm not saying look at how many carbs and sugars are in the other products I'm saying to read the small print.  If you see SOY any type don't use it.  Soy increases estrogen levels and is linked to thyroid problems that is why shakeology vegan contains P protein and not Soy. Artificial sweeteners like splenda and nutrasweet have had hundreds of studies linked in weight gain, increases insolent  levels, when no calories are tied to it, it causes you to gain weight.  Also it increases your need for carbohydrates and causes your body to hold onto fat.  Artificial flavoring will trick your body into believing that a strawberry does not really taste like a strawberry.  Scary!!  When someone tries shakeology and says it taste like the earth that's great your taste buds have been conditioned to artificial flavoring but that is something that we can change in a short amount of time.  That is why I pair shakeology with clean eating the two go together wonderfully.  Also shakeology does not contain any MSG, MSG is like cocaine you need more and more once you eat it.  Food companies keep changing names and sneaking it into foods you find at the store.  So after reading what is in the following "nutritional shakes" on the market right now all of these contain a product listed above:
Body by Vi
Advocare- There are two phases to their 24 day challenge, the first phase is the "Cleanse Phase" and their are three of their recommended supplements that you use during this phase, Herbal Cleanse, Omegaplex, and the Spark Energy Drink. The herbal cleanse uses fillers and binding agents such as guar gum which have been shown to bind to essential nutrients and carry them out with the rest of wastes in your body. The omegaplex is an essential fatty acids supplement. The Spark Energy drink contains a cocktail of B-vitamins to boost energy and is sweetened with SUCRALOSE (NO, NO!). The only way these B-vitamin energy drinks work is if you are B deficient, many people aren't.

The second phase is the "Max Phase". During this phase, you choose one of three Metabolic Nutrition Systems, use Meal Replacement Shakes, and again, the Spark Energy Drink. The Metabolic Nutrition System is a system of different capsulated supplements to help speed weight loss, give more energy, or help with appetite suppression. I haven't had time to read up on each individual system. The meal replacement shakes are a joke, to say the least. Full of fillers and artificial flavors and sweeteners. A cocktail of failure - if they truly looking to gain a healthier lifestyle.

Oat fiber, cellulose powder, citrus pectin, soy lecithin, sucralose, guar gum, - just a few of the fun ingredients in the meal replacements.

Bottom line:
Not natural, not healthy, contains chemicals, no superfoods

Is shakeology safe for diabetics?
Yes! 8 out of 10 diabetics don't die from high levels in sugar they die from stroke or heart attack.  Inflammation plays a big part in both stroke and heart attacks.  Shakeology is low in glycemic levels, help regulate blood sugar levels, and also insulin levels, and reduce inflammation.  Brilliant for diabetics!

Shakelogy is dried whole foods it's not synthetic other nutritional shakes on the market put synthetic vitamins in their shakes. 
Also Shakeology Vegan is casein free!!

So what happens when someone is trying to loss weight what is the first thing they do they cut calories and more then likely start working out.  After about 2 weeks in your body just plan hurts and your tired, hungry, and quite.  This is why shakeology is awesome because in 160 calories a day you are adding all the vitamins and daily nutrition needed.  And in doing so you will have more energy and makes losing weight a lot easier.  Your body is getting the same nutrition as if you ate 6 salads. 

Is shakeology safe while pregnant?
Of course always ask you dr. and take a list of ingredients to your dr.
Aswagandha is in shakeology and can be linked to bringing on early labor.  But the amount of aswagandha in shakeology is so small.  I look at it in the sense that  in the third trimester walking, getting a massage, and sex may bring on early delivery.

I would rather get my food from real food-

Shakeology is real food that has been dried to preserve the whole food integrity. The vitamins all come from real dried super foods that are collected from around the world .  I have done a lot of research and as much as we like to think we are getting all of the nutrients we need daily from eating raw, organic foods we are not.

A common thread in alternative agriculture and health literature is declining food quality in the industrialized food production system. As early as the 1930s, writers saw a link between nutrient-depleted soils and increased health problems. What gets my attention the facts that foods like vegetables and grains are now being raised on million acres of land that no longer contains enough of certain minerals and from that starving us of nutrition no matter how hard we try.
Is it safe while breastfeeding?
Of course always ask your dr. and take a list of ingredients to show your dr.  What I can share is my own personal experience after having our son and breastfeeding for the first 6 months all of my hair was falling out I thought it was from the C-section.  I also breastfeed while being pregnant with our daughter until our son was 11 months old.  After our daughter was born I started using shakeology when she was 3 months old.  My hair is fuller then ever and it never fell out.  I believe the two are linked together for sure.  I truly believe looking back I had vitamin deficiency.  I took my daily prenatal vitamins and also a daily pill for low vitamin D.  Once I started drinking shakeology I stopped taking both and have never felt this good.

Also my hands hurt all the time I thought it was from years of being a waitress.  Once I starting eating clean and drinking shakeology I don't need to take Alive medicine before having kids it was nothing to take 2 or 3 a day.  No one every explained it was what I was eating and the lack of nutrition.  So cutting all of that garbage out of my daily diet feels amazing. 

This is not a protein shake-

Shakeology is not just another protein shake. It is actually a meal replacement which means that it has the proper carb to protein ratio that you need in a meal to keep you full for 2 1/2 to 3 hours. It has the fast burning complex carbs and the slow burning fuel. Together they are what make a complete meal. Also, shakeology is equivalent to eating 6 salads in one meal. I will never go back to not drinking it daily.  I no longer have that mid afternoon crash where I want to sleep, I don't crave sweets, and Its quick and easy when I'm busy and don't have time to make a meal! It's saved me in so many situations. Honestly it really is worth it.

So like I stated before who needs shakeology? 
My answer is everyone!! It's that simple

Every feel like one of those crazy people at the check outline at GNC and you want to be the best version of yourself but the truth is you end up spending way more money rather then just getting the best nutrition out of shakeology daily.

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