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Lunch box tips for staying healthy

Lunch box tips for staying healthy

So for so many of us life is busy Sunday is a day of rest before the next week of our crazy life begins.  For some of you putting time into what you eat for lunch is something you do.  But what your packing is it the best option?  I'm going to be the one to brake it to you any type of lunch meat is not the best option period.  Even when the label reads low sodium it still contains way more sodium then one needs to consume for lunch.  Alternative while relaxing on Sunday put a lean roast (locally raised is the best) in the oven and let the oven do the work.  From that you have a few different options for lunches in the up coming week.  Make a healthy wrap with roast beef or a steak salad from the meat.  Next option bake or grill off enough chicken needed for the week to come.  Plenty of options to keep it clean and healthy with grilled chicken for the week. 

Lunch box tips for staying healthy

I grab lunch on the go-
I always hear the excuse it "cost to much" to eat healthy?  Really because for so many it's nothing to eat lunch out more then 2 times a week.  Plan ahead and save money by not grabbing lunch on the go.  Plus in your mind you think I will just order a salad while out for lunch.  But we all know what happens the portions are way out of control, you will end up adding a dressing loaded with chemicals, might be tempted to have dessert, or even a few fries with your salad.

Oh I'm to busy to stop for a lunch break-
It’s common to want to skip lunch if you’re trying to lose weight or cut calories, but that strategy rarely works.
Eating in the middle of the day and eating every 2-3 hours is so important it re-energizes your body and can raise blood sugar levels when focus and concentration are not there. If you’re feeling sluggish, eating even a small lunch can renew your energy and help you feel refreshed and ready to take on the next several hours. In addition, eating lunch keeps your metabolism active to finish out the work day.
Crap in the vending machine-
Now I'm not saying that all vending machines have garbage in them but more then 90% do.  Let's face it even if you find one that offers food other then the standard choices they still have to add additives to the lettuce so it stay fresh longer and lets be honest the "grilled chicken" most of the time looks like something you would feed you dog.  Garbage in garbage out!
So maybe your someone that has been trying to loss weight and you have been exercising but nothing is happening.  I know the feeling I was in the same spot exercise alone is not enough it might work for you in your early 20's but at some point in time it will come back to what your eating.
Lunch box tips for staying healthy

How much salt that one consumes-
 I always feel it in my joints my wrist always killed me and I thought it was from years of being a waitress. It really was what I was eating my husband would hold pressure on my wrist at night and I would take medicine for the inflammation but honestly with eating clean the only time my joints hurt is when I have a cheat meal with sodium say a piece of pizza I feel it that night. I never even was much for adding salt to what I made we didn't grow up that way so I really thought I didn't eat a lot of salt and once I started reading labels I could not believe all the salt I was taking in that way.
Trust me we have all done it even when we thought we planed ahead life got in the way and then comes the choice to go to the drive thru or stay on track.  For me that's when shakeology has help so much it's quick, easy to make, and I can take it on the go. 

Keep it healthy as life comes at you this week.

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