Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Enjoying Down Time

Enjoying Down Time

It has been a bit crazy in our house hold over the past few weeks.  A good crazy I would call it, Steve has been working away on a job that has left him away over night.  I started to think that we as a family are very custom to Steve being gone most of the day but always having him home at night.  So it was an adjustment but we are very flexible.  Since I'm able to stay home with the kids are time together as a family might be middle of the week.  I remember senior week on the beach and stopping to get my palm read for something to do.  I handed her my $20.00 and she told me I would never work a  traditional 9-5 job. I laughed because I already knew that about myself.  And one of the reasons I married my husband was because I never wanted a boring husband that worked a 9-5 job.  He always keeps life interesting and I can say life is never boring.  As he was gone one of our renters called and was unable to flush the toilet it's in those moments I'm glad I know the basics of how to handle the situation. 

Some times life does get crazy and as we work so hard for the future of our family and having property for them to enjoy.  It's just as important to take care of the relationships in the house.  My husband loves to hunt and I joined him last year and have found it to be fun as well.  I enjoy using the crossbow.  So our "date" was dropping the kids at grandma and grandpa's house early in the morning so we could head to the woods. 

Then we enjoyed going to the Elk viewing center I have to say even though we live close and rarely go we always try to go once a year in the fall.  Clint had a great time and enjoyed running around.  The funny thing since we left early in the morning I scooped Josie girl out of bed and left her pj's on.  I totally forgot to bring a change of clothes for her!! 

Next we drove while the kids napped (I will miss that some day).  So as we drove Steve wanted to show me some of the worked he did over the last summer in the woods.  I enjoy seeing the work that goes on it gives me a better understanding of what his days look like.  We also stopped and watched a good friend of our run his dosser as the cleared a piece of the woods.  Clint was awake at this time and Loves any type of equipment and watching it run. 

So as the past two days of fun family time together comes to an end what I wanted to point out was that the things that we did, did not involve spending a ton of money or buying the kids big toys but more the time spent together.  We only have so much time with our little ones and building a strong foundation with them.  So take time when ever your family is able to be together weather its the weekends or middle of the week and enjoy the down time.  Make it simple but also make memories as well.

Enjoying Down Time

So yes life goes on even if the house is not as clean as it once was or the laundry is not always done and put away.  What kind of memories do you want your children to have? 

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