Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Try something new

Try something new

Trying something new

So I just wanted to share with you an amazing opportunity to be a part of the team that holds the #2 spot in beachbody.  Are you looking for something new in life?  Do you want to be a part of a group that becomes like a second family?  Are you looking for a little extra spending money?  Maybe saving for kids college education?  Or you just plan need a purpose in life?  Ready to fire your boss? What how is that possible!!  All of those things listed above can be reached with beachbody. 

 I know for me I joined a challenge group and starting working on myself and loved the process and everything that beachbody stand for their core values.  This was to good to not share with others.  I personally had to ask myself if I had enough time in the day to do it.  And I can assure you when you find something you love to do you make the time for it.  What do I personally struggle with computers!!  And yes 95% of this business is done on a computer.  I did not know one thing about how to grow a business from my computer.  Rest assured I still took a leap of faith.  For me I had a gut feeling that I can do this why not me.  I took that leap of faith not even being at my goal weight and not sure if it was going to go anywhere. 

Guess what it was one of the best choices I made I'm not a super out going person would rather keep things low key with just a few close friends.  But this business still works for me I have a heart for people and I believe in everyone.  I had to take a good look at what my purpose in life was and helping other and being a beachbody coach go hand in hand.

After two years of being home with the kids I was ready to take on something new.  Running a business with my husband has always been something we do together and I'm thankful for that business. And as much of a redneck girl I am being in the dirt world does not bring out my passion in life. The thought of having a business that I did not have to invest money into and put my own dreams on hold was just mind blowing!!
Try something new

 Being a waitress for  12 years before having kids and being burned out with having to work the weekends and being on a "schedule" does not fit our life style.  What I did enjoy was making others happy and giving great customer service.  Beachbody has made it possible for me to do that but on my time.  I set the schedule and the best part about it is I'm not building someone else's dream.  I'm able to create how far I take this.  Anyone that knows me even a little bit knows determination goes hand in hand with who I am. 

How will I find people?
How do I make money?
Would this be a good fit for me?
I'm not a fitness expert?
I work a full time job will I have enough time?
Do I have to have a transformation to get started?

I know for me personal it's just as rewarding in helping other meet their own personal fitness goals as it is to know that I am able to contribute to our families income.  Trust me if I can do this so can you plus you will have the opportunity to work with my coach one on one and find out all of her secrets that got her to where she is today in 2 years while being a stay at home mom of two boys.  You are invited to listen in on the call November 6th at 9:00pm (don't worry everyone will be mute and all you do is listen).  And from that all you have invested is your time and that's it.

This is my office plus I use my computer to create a business.  Message me if you would like to listen in!!
Try something new

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