Tuesday, October 1, 2013

T25 week 9 progress

What a great week is has been when I set out to get myself back in shape, then my family I had know idea the things I would be doing.  When I entered into a challenge group this past May and my coach asked me what some of my goals were and what I wanted to accomplish I put on that list a 5k!  Well if you would of told me then that I would be doing it and I would have one of my sister along with I would of told you to keep on dreaming.  Well here were are and we had a blast!!

This was so much fun and I plan on doing another 5k in two months.  But I don't think it will be nearly as much fun.  They have happy music planning the entire time.  Also you get short with chalk threw out the entire race!!

For me what gets me exited and causes me to jump out of bed in the morning is knowing that I'm bettering my own healthy and also those around me.  I love running challenge groups and seeing folks make a life style out of exercising and eating clean.  For me I don't view it as a "sale" I see it more as someone has invested there money in me and know it's time to get to work.  Sure you can go on E-bay buy the same workouts for 20.00 less.  But then what? We all know what comes next after two weeks you miss a few workouts eat crap and fall off the wagon. That's why I invested back into the folks that first  invested in me. 

So what I can say for sure is T25 has really strengthen my core and really started to put definition in my legs.  I would recommend this if you are short on time, just starting to workout again, need to spice up your workout, or just plan want to see what all the talk about T25 is.
T25 week 9 progress
I can not wait to take my before and after pictures!!  That's the best part and to see how many more inches are gone!
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