Thursday, February 26, 2015

Beachbody on Demand

 Beachbody on Demand

Truth be told anyone that knows me knows I HATE technology and the thought of learning about beachbody on demand was something I pushed off to the side. UNITL this month as a top sc earner we had access to preview and try this out before it goes live to the public.  My mind started turning and truly became excited for all of the customers and coaches this would help. So what did I discover as I learned more about beachbody on demand?  Beachbody on Demand and the ability to instantly stream any workout in the Beachbody Digital library to your laptop, tablet, or mobile device- wherever you have an internet connection!  Plus you can get digital versions of the program guides and workout calendars, so you can start getting results today!  The digital library will be updated monthly with fresh workouts and different programs, so you never run out of the on the go options.  All you need is literally an internet connection!  Can you see the benefits already?

Are you the type of person that loves to jump from program to program and switch it up often?  This would be PERFECT for you.  I personally do well following a program from start to finish.  And let me just say there are TWO hidden gems in this list I want to point out Chalene extreme and Turbo Fire.  These programs are the Complete 60 and 90 day programs.  I personally started my weight loss journey with Chalene Extreme and lost 40 lbs. in 90 days-My Transformation

Are you someone that travels for work?  The thought of at home DVD's to take on the go are not easy to take and travel with.  However you always travel with your phone, laptop, or Ipad and this sounds like it might be just the right fit for your life situation. 

So on Monday March 2nd Beachbody on Demand will be available to every Team Beachbody Customer that has the club membership.  My job as a coach is to help each customer that wants change more then they want to stay the same.  It’s so much more than just creating an account and purchasing some super foods in a bag and working out with Shawn T.  My goal is to coach you from start to finish in your weight lose journey. Let’s face it.... transforming your body and your habits is just stinking hard!  It takes will power and want power! I personally am in my second transformation after having our 3rd child two weeks ago and look forward to staying on this journey together.  It takes doing it anyways even on the days that you do not feel like it!  It takes making good choices when it’s so much easier to just make bad choices.  So the club membership gives you all of those things!  You get the club membership by asking how you can upgrade to the club membership if you do not have a coach and I can walk you through the steps to get the club membership.

 How much does it cost?  Well the club membership is $2.99 a week but it is billed quarterly at $38.87.  You can cancel or change it at any time.  You are not locked into the club for a specific period of time.  So that is definitely nice that you don't have to sign a contract.  There is no additional cost to stream the workouts.  When you get the club membership you INSTANTLY have access to the customized meal planning feature, that has a printable grocery list, it allows you to customize and note if you have food allergies or don't like certain foods.  Most importantly you get a coach like me who will connect you to our support and accountability groups to help you set realistic goals for you, match you up with the correct program for your needs and keep you accountable to what  you want to accomplish.

Ok so the really cool part is this!  You can also get the club membership and shakeology in the form of a challenge pack starting on March 2nd as well.  So if you want to get both shakeology and the club membership you have this option!  It gives you Shakeology for 30 days and access to on demand for 90 days!  The cost for 90 days of support 140.00!!  If you break that down for 90 days it's $1.55 a day the cost of stopping for a bottle of water on your way to work, less then a cup of joe on the way to work, less then shopping for new clothes for the spring, less the going to the dr. for issues related to poor health.  You get the picture there is value in your health and it starts with you. 
What workouts are included in the Beachbody On Demand?
*P90X base and deluxe kits
*P90X2 base and deluxe kits
*P90X3 Base and Deluxe Kids
*P90X one on one volume 1
*Insanity Base and Deluxe Kits
*Insanity-The Asylum Volume 1
*Brazil Butt Lift Base and Deluxe Kits
*ChaLean Extreme
*10 Minute Trainer
*Hip Hop Abs
You also get an insider look of the new releases, so you can can sample a workout before you buy the DVD program.

*21 Day Fix Total Body Cardio Fix
*21 Day Fix Extreme Plyo Fix Extreme
*Piyo sweat
*Focus T25 Alpha Cardio
*Insanity Max 30 Sweat Intervals
*Body Beast Build Chest
*P90 Sculpt A
New workouts will be added to continue the variety as time goes on.

If you already have the club membership then on Monday March 2nd when you log into your account you will have access to this program.
So if you are interested in trying out on Demand you can join me on March 2nd for an exclusive On Demand challenge group! For 90 Days you pick the workout program and you commit to replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology and my commitment to you is that I am going to teach you how to plan your meals, give you snack ideas, recipes, tips, and help you truly get that body ready for the warmer weather!  This is an awesome way to stay connected with your goals and plug in from any location while you live your life.  I look forward to providing support day in and day out while you transform your body and also transform how you view yourself from the inside out. Are you ready?
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cheddar Spinach Egg Muffin

Cheddar Spinach Egg Muffin

On Sunday as I opened the fridge I found spinach that needed my attention and by Tuesday would not work well in a salad.  I've been looking for more ideas for snacks that include vegetable as I tend to find it easier to eat fruit.  This recipe rocks!!  I wasn't sure I would like the texture of the muffins being reheated but honestly it was fine and very tasty.  For my recipe I used broccoli, cheddar cheese, spinach, and eggs the combination was just right.

Cheddar Spinach Egg Muffin
Makes 12 muffins Ingredients:
 12 eggs (option you could use 24 egg whites)
1/4cup of almond milk
Baby spinach
chopped onion
chopped red pepper
chopped jalapeno
chopped mushrooms
 cheddar cheese
shredded cheese
sweet onions
Pretty much any vegetables you have on hand
-Preheat oven to 350 degrees
-Choose ingredients you prefer to use and maybe mix it up, so you have something different every day. chop if necessary.
-Spray pan (olive oil)
-Add chopped ingredients to each cup
-beat eggs, add 1/4 cup of almond milk salt and pepper for taste
-Bake for 30 minutes.
-Immediately remove and let cool on a rack. Once cool, place 2 in a ziplock bag with no air to keep them all week in the fridge. In the morning, remove from bag and heat in microwave for 30 to 45 seconds and Enjoy!!

Cheddar Spinach Egg Muffin

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Becoming a mother of 3

Becoming a mother of 3

It’s hard to believe it’s been a full week since coming home with baby number 3 Henry.  I’ve had a lot of messages and questions about the transition from 2 kids to 3 kids ages 3 and under.  Well maybe it’s just my personality but I just tend to go with the flow.  The kids and I tend to be able to change plans or directions at any given moment.  The house is ran with a much laid back feeling, with wiggle room for messes and a not so neat house.  With that being said adding Henry in was just natural, the help from my mom and mother in law has been very helpful with the older two.  Personally going from being a mom of one to adding baby number two in took a good four months to adjust however this adjustments has gone smoothly.

According to the doctor I tend to heal very well from C-sections and need to remind myself to still enjoy these very memorable times without jumping back into the rhythm of life too quickly.  With the daily temperature below zero and snow everyday going out and about with a newborn so far is limited.  However at home the kids have adjusted well. Clint is my big helper for sure and takes the roll of older brother very well.  Josie is doing well and as a mom I tend to notice she needs more snuggles from me when I’m not feeding the baby, she has had more potty accidents with the recent changes at the house however I know over time she will adjust to being a family of five.
Jumping back into eating right feels amazing!!  Being pregnant for sure messed with my eating the entire pregnancy most foods turned my stomach, gave heartburn, or had a funny smell.  MY poor husband has been looking forward to a cooking wife again and in the last week of being home with Henry it feels great to be back in action cooking as well.

Headed right back to work also just feels right, I get a lot of fulfillment out of working whether it’s for our traditional business or my beachbody business it’s a sense of having a task at hand and being able to move forward with business.  I know not everyone enjoys the hustle in life however hard work is something that I receive a lot of fulfillment out of.


Afternoon cat naps are a must!!  All of the kids where breastfeed and of course Henry is too.  I don’t pump so this momma brings the milk in the middle of the night.  Thankful for a comfy chair for the middle of the nights, shakeology to help with natural energy in the day time, a naps for an added energy boast.  Clint has been one busy big brother, every time Henry woke up the first night home my light sleeper was up also.
He wanted to vacuum, help make lunch, and clean up♡♡

Time for a cat nap with baby brother

My cat naps for these first few weeks while fully coming around for sure help with finding a new balance and system.

I’m not super woman at all still just or typical person, my husband brought flowers home for Josie and I for Valentine’s day.  I put them in a vase with the packet of stuff to keep them longer and the next day they were DEAD.  Yep I forgot to add the water!!  That’s just one of the crazy things I did over the past seven days home. 
Thankful for a healthy baby boy, the thought of spring coming, a husband that will get groceries, family to call on in a pinch, and the fact that a family of five is making it work in the dead of winter in a house with less than 1,000 sq. ft.

It’s “comfy” for sure!

Bring on week two!!  What challenges will come our way?  Live.Love.Laugh

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Potato Stamping

Potato Stamping

Well in the words of my son Clint “mom we need to use the paints more often some are drying out”. Well I kind of agree yes I enjoy being creative but crafty is an entirely different subject.  As I was surfing Pinterest for ideas of how to be crafty this cold Thursday morning, it hit me!! When talking to a lot of moms about making healthy choices with what to eat they just become extremely overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

Our craft DID NOT turn out like the picture I was going for!!  It wasn’t perfect at all, it’s the same way with making healthier choices in the beginning its ugly, sometimes what we pictured taking place in the first week didn’t happen.  The cool thing just like crafts it’s your master piece and you hold the pen, marker, or potato in this case. 
We will be trying this craft in the future I learned in order to have more surface area it would have worked better to cute the potato down the middle, causing it to also look more like an egg shape for Easter.
Live. LEARN. Try. Explore. NEVER give up

Happy Thursday!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

What does it mean to be in the top 3% of all beachbody coaches?

What does it mean to be in the top 3% of all beachbody coaches?

Well first lets back up to almost two years ago to the day!!  I gave birth to our second daughter February 8th and like most moms I was thrilled, scared, overwhelmed, and felt the worst I had ever felt in my own skin.  I never really gave much thought into my own health and fitness and any time the scale would creep up I would find myself working out for two weeks and getting things back in line.  Well after Josie born I was the heaviest I have ever been, I saw someone posting about a challenge group and of course miss independent was not going to reach out for help.  Three months post having the baby not much had changed and I thought what the heck I’ll see what these challenge groups are all about.  Well 90 days later I too felt amazing and it was natural to want to share it with others and started coaching in August of 2013.  This picture posted below was my own transformation I put myself out there in social media, showed up every day, and 30 days into coaching I made $60.00 dollars.  Most would have gave up!!  Thank goodness I saw the bigger picture as my income from helping my team and customers now exceeds what I made as a waitress working for someone else building someone else's dreams.



I can tell you I don’t have all the answers, I don’t know everything there is to know about social media outlets, I fail sometimes with keeping up with laundry, sometimes I totally mess up with my own nutrition, but the difference between August of 2013 and now being ranked in the top 3% of the company? 
*Never giving up
*Showing up every day
*Willing to learn
*Seeing the big picture
*Having faith beyond what I could see
*Setting goals with deadlines
*Willing to grow as a person and leader

To me I never really understood what it felt like to be passionate about your job.  Like most I’ve always worked to provide never fully understanding the bigger picture of life and seeing it’s about those around us.  It was a choice to stay home with the kids and to do the paper work for our traditional business but something was missing.  Do you feel like your life lacks purpose?  I felt that way also, yes my kids and husband are very important and giving up my freedom/ flexibility was not an option.  Beachbody has bought so many positive things into my life and I want others to experience it as well. 


What is rank? as someone looking in from the outside sounds kind of sketchy right?  I thought the same thing MLM business sometimes get a bad rap and for sure I was one of those that thought it was all about getting in at the right time, having the right connections, having a large network, being outspoken, and being a natural leader. EKKK  Finding out while in the hospital with baby number 3 (Henry) that I was #575 out of 250,000 coaches!!

Well personally rank is a direct reflection of helping my coaches duplicate a system that is proven to work and easy to jump in without any experience.  MANY start coaching but the length of those willing to stay plugged in becomes very narrow, my list to invite to my first challenge group was 10 names and less than a 100 friends on Facebook.  I had no clue about a blog, YouTube, a like page but that willing to learn kicked in.  I’m an introvert and for most of you both can do very well in this business that for sure is not a determining factor of one’s success.  I had personal areas of life that needed polished and ones that naturally shine everyone is different in their own strengths as a coach but as you coach you grow as a person. 

So what is your story?  Most common questions

Do I need a transformation?
Do I need to be at my goal weight?
How much time does it take every day?
How do you actually earn money?
What else do you earn beyond income?
I can't wait to answer all of your questions and get to know your own personal goals with the business.  I have created a system for my team based on what Team Beachbody has created to train new coaches and my own personal experience that has proven to be extremely successful at getting each and every new coach started right.  My goal is to not overwhelm you with the business but to teach you how to get started, to prioritize what is most important, to manage your time, to make this work while still having preserved your family balance and to help you earn an extra income for your family or even honestly replace a salary or income from a job you would like to change!  It takes a little prioritizing, time management, and multi tasking but you can absolutely make this business work for you! Whether its just a few hours a week or full time I can help you set goals that meet your lifestyle.  I have no minimum expectations and you can truly do as little or as much as you want as a coach!  I let you set the pace and I match that pace with your effort!!!  I am not your Boss or Dictator but I am your mentor, coach and guide!  All training will done from the comfort of your own home.  We start small on what basic steps need to be taken every day to get started right.  I want to show you how to learn in a small setting with videos, scripts, and guides to be successful as well.  I will honestly say that many people are afraid to take this leap of faith. They think it sounds like a good opportunity but most are afraid that they won't make any money at it, that they will have to sell to their friends, or that they don't know anybody to invite!  Trust me, I was right there with you!  New coach training starts March 3rd where we can start to work together to your personal goals.  Also just to be a fly on the wall starting next Monday the 23rd my sister and I will be hosting an informal group to ask questions with zero commitment.  This will be a place we share more in detail on what more of the day to day activities as a coach looks like.

Think your too small to make an impact? Your story won't inspire others? Your hard times won't bring comfort to others?

Ever throw a pebble into a lake?

The ripple effect keeps going...

It starts with one

 Never fear the unknown I would rather say I tried and failed then to say I never tried at all.
For either group the first step would be to fill out this application.  From that I will be in contact with you to learn more about what's next.
*WARNING this could change your life if your willing to take a chance.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

The week before baby number three

The week before baby number three

It’s hard to believe this time came!!  Moms you can relate to that feeling of being pregnant and time does not move….until you’re in a hospital bed ready to hold your baby within moments.  This time in a mom’s life reminds me a lot of your wedding day, all the preparation, planning, unknown, re planning, things forgotten, and before you know it, it’s a memory.  

Being a mom by far is my favorite hat I wear, I enjoy having lots of balls in the air and truly never a dull moment however when your life is always in go mode sometimes it’s a good thing to sit and reflect.

 The entire third pregnancy overall went very smoothly I tend to have very little complications, enjoy the overall process of being pregnant and make the best of it.

Last Monday started out very normal like any other I work for our traditional business three days a week half days.  However I got to the office last Monday and felt this sense of paper work taking over the desk and not seeing an end.  I really did not feel good at all and looking back I think I mentally started to plan ahead of getting stuff done in the manner of having the baby early.  Thank goodness for my mom I called her and asked if the kids could come down for the second part of the day and was truly able to feel that part of my life would be just find if this bundle of joy came early.  It was a long Monday but well worth the sense of knowing things would be ok if left untouched for the next week and half.  Tuesday came around and this day as my son Clint calls it “stay home day” was just that, we spent the entire day at the house and that nesting mode continued and the entire house was cleaned, laundry caught up, and loss ends tied up. 

Tuesday night around 11:00pm came and this momma to be knew that she would not be making it till next Friday’s scheduled C-section.  I have a high sense of pain tolerance and tend to not let much show in how I’m feeling, not sure that’s a good thing at a time like this.  However Tuesday night very little sleep took place and for sure a call to our baby dr. office was going to happen in the am.  My husband got up for work that Wednesday morning and like most mornings for the past month I would tell him I just don’t feel good, I can’t wait to not be pregnant anymore, and when will you be done today?
After a quick Facebook message my mom came right away and said she would take the kids for the rest of the day.  I headed to my baby dr. for a visit at 11:00am and my pain was still there, both of the kids had been C-sections so I’ve never experienced labor however I knew what I was feeling was not going away and I was not leaving the hospital without a baby or the pain changing.  Once checked my cervix was not showing any sign of changing however a trip over to be hooked up to monitors on the maternity floor was underway.  Mind you yes for most things in life I’m a big planner but with all of these steps over the past 72 hours to be prepared for an early delivery I never packed a hospital bag….after being hooked up for 2 hours it was clear the contractions were 4 minutes apart and February 11th 2015 would be the day we would meet baby number 3!!  Oh snap my husband I better find out his location and will he be able to make it here within the hour.
With my husband working in the oil and gas industry each day is an adventure, never a schedule, and location could be anywhere.  The good news he made it in time!!  I love having a C-section and for sure my body responds very well to a fast healing.  Those moments of lying there knowing your baby will be born any minute goes back to being dressed ready to walk down the aisle to marry your husband.  It’s like time stands still and all your fears, planning, and world stop in that moment.  That first cry from your little one is a moment every mom remembers as your first memory of your baby.
Here is a twist in the story of life!!  For the past 9 months baby number 3 was it!! We planned for a tubal to take place at the same time as the C-section up until that moment that was still the plan, however a few events that week caused me to change my mind and with confidence of not wanting to be done and still having the option to have more was very natural to change.  Yes   there could be more Fledderman’s down the road.  
After a wonderful stay at the hospital with excellent care from the nurses and staff for three days this momma was ready to go home.  Shower in your own home= priceless!!  The thought of sleeping in my own bed=priceless!!  Seeing Clint and Josie meet baby Henry for the first time=priceless!!

Being a mom by far is one of the most challenging jobs out there but at the same time I could not imagine life without the title of mom.
As this capture of life as a mom of three just gets underway I look forward to all the adventures, challenges ahead, fun times, and memories made.
Time to go and create those captures as a mom of three now!!


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Turkey Meatballs

Turkey Meatballs

Tukey Meatballs

It's meatball time, this recipe is served great over whole wheat pasta or you could use a vegetable slicer to create your own pasta.  This one can be found on Amazon and is easy to clean as well. You can add a low sodium sauce to your meatballs as well. 

Ingredients: 1 1/2 lbs lean ground turkey or chicken.
1/2 cup finely chopped onion
1 egg lightly beaten
1 cup homemade bread crumbs or ezekiel bread crumbs
2 tbsp. parsley
2 tbsp. basil
2 tbsp. oregano
2 cloves garlic, passed through a garlic press
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp freshly ground black pepper

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
In a large bowl place egg and breadcrumbs  add spices and mix well.  Add remaining ingredients and mix well.  Using an ice cream scoop medium size one to make meatballs and place on prepared cookie sheet.  Place in hot oven and bake for 20 minutes or until golden.

These work very well to make for dinner and double the recipe and create a lunch the next day as well.  You could serve it on a whole wheat pita with a side of sliced peppers.


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Can Stress cause weight gain or slow progress?

Can stress cause weight gain or slow progress?
This is a topic that came up in the past week within a challenge group and I really wanted to sit down and write more about this subject in hopes of helping each of you if you feel stuck.  Losing weight in general is not typically something you wake up thrilled to do, it takes talking yourself into not hitting the snooze, staying consistent, saying no thanks while others around you indulge.  When stress is added in it's an entirely different leave of challenge involved especially if you’re in the beginning phases of creating a lifestyle change.  

Let's face it we live in a day and time it's easy to let circumstances around us cause unwanted stress, death in the family, job changes, moving, family members health, your children and dealing with issues of them maturing, unexpected bills, things breaking at the house and need repaired.  Somewhere along the line even as level headed as most would like to remain life throws stress.


So how can stress delay weight lose?
Stress and Food Cravings
Many people find that they eat when they are under stress. This is when you eat not because you’re hungry but because some emotion such as anger, sadness or frustration is pushing you to reach for food. Usually, you eat when you are stressed because food brings you a sense of comfort and at a very young age we are taught to use food for comfort. Everyone has their own comfort foods. Commonly eaten foods to relieve stress are sweets such as chocolate, ice cream, cookies or candy. Salty and fatty foods such as potato chips and pizza are also common foods. These foods contain higher fat and salt content and are generally lacking in nutrition. For me personally it’s ice cream and for the first 6 month of eating clean it’s an item I could not have in the house or when stress, happiness, boarded, well let’s face it any emotion would kick in I would reach for a little ice cream.  Growing up ice cream was a treat (something we had often) it was found at every celebration so it’s no wonder that’s my go to food.  Do you know what food is not safe in your house?  Take time to think about this one
Can Stress cause weight gain or slow progress?
Stress Hormones and Weight Gain
When you are under a great deal of stress, your body releases cortisol, which is a stress hormone. The release of cortisol has been linked with the buildup of abdominal fat. In one study, slim women gained weight due to their inability to deal with stressful life conditions. Being under a great deal of stress causes physiological changes that can lead to cravings and a change in eating patterns.
When your body releases an excess of cortisol, this interferes with your metabolic processes. The release of stress hormones has been linked with a slowing down of the metabolism. So when you are dealing with a lot of stress, you may be eating the same amount of food as before but not burning off as many calories as you used to.

Can Stress cause weight gain or slow progress?

Ways to relieve stress that work well, taking a bath, going grocery shopping alone, surfing Pinterest, taking a long drive with nothing but the radio, reading a new book, asking a friend to join you for coffee, a great sweat session, take part in your favorite hobby, keep a journey and write down your feelings, surround yourself with those that support and understand what you’re going through in life, drink a warm cup of green tea, breathing exercises, clean up the clutter in your house, get a message, do charity work, go for a walk,  and a cat nap just to walk away from the situation and regroup.
Can Stress cause weight gain or slow progress?

I hope this helps with the next time life hands you that unexpected phone call, turn of events, or a twist in everyday life.  Smile!!  Whether you're riding life and coasting along or feel that today could not get any worse remember this too will pass and thank goodness for seasons in life.