Saturday, February 14, 2015

The week before baby number three

The week before baby number three

It’s hard to believe this time came!!  Moms you can relate to that feeling of being pregnant and time does not move….until you’re in a hospital bed ready to hold your baby within moments.  This time in a mom’s life reminds me a lot of your wedding day, all the preparation, planning, unknown, re planning, things forgotten, and before you know it, it’s a memory.  

Being a mom by far is my favorite hat I wear, I enjoy having lots of balls in the air and truly never a dull moment however when your life is always in go mode sometimes it’s a good thing to sit and reflect.

 The entire third pregnancy overall went very smoothly I tend to have very little complications, enjoy the overall process of being pregnant and make the best of it.

Last Monday started out very normal like any other I work for our traditional business three days a week half days.  However I got to the office last Monday and felt this sense of paper work taking over the desk and not seeing an end.  I really did not feel good at all and looking back I think I mentally started to plan ahead of getting stuff done in the manner of having the baby early.  Thank goodness for my mom I called her and asked if the kids could come down for the second part of the day and was truly able to feel that part of my life would be just find if this bundle of joy came early.  It was a long Monday but well worth the sense of knowing things would be ok if left untouched for the next week and half.  Tuesday came around and this day as my son Clint calls it “stay home day” was just that, we spent the entire day at the house and that nesting mode continued and the entire house was cleaned, laundry caught up, and loss ends tied up. 

Tuesday night around 11:00pm came and this momma to be knew that she would not be making it till next Friday’s scheduled C-section.  I have a high sense of pain tolerance and tend to not let much show in how I’m feeling, not sure that’s a good thing at a time like this.  However Tuesday night very little sleep took place and for sure a call to our baby dr. office was going to happen in the am.  My husband got up for work that Wednesday morning and like most mornings for the past month I would tell him I just don’t feel good, I can’t wait to not be pregnant anymore, and when will you be done today?
After a quick Facebook message my mom came right away and said she would take the kids for the rest of the day.  I headed to my baby dr. for a visit at 11:00am and my pain was still there, both of the kids had been C-sections so I’ve never experienced labor however I knew what I was feeling was not going away and I was not leaving the hospital without a baby or the pain changing.  Once checked my cervix was not showing any sign of changing however a trip over to be hooked up to monitors on the maternity floor was underway.  Mind you yes for most things in life I’m a big planner but with all of these steps over the past 72 hours to be prepared for an early delivery I never packed a hospital bag….after being hooked up for 2 hours it was clear the contractions were 4 minutes apart and February 11th 2015 would be the day we would meet baby number 3!!  Oh snap my husband I better find out his location and will he be able to make it here within the hour.
With my husband working in the oil and gas industry each day is an adventure, never a schedule, and location could be anywhere.  The good news he made it in time!!  I love having a C-section and for sure my body responds very well to a fast healing.  Those moments of lying there knowing your baby will be born any minute goes back to being dressed ready to walk down the aisle to marry your husband.  It’s like time stands still and all your fears, planning, and world stop in that moment.  That first cry from your little one is a moment every mom remembers as your first memory of your baby.
Here is a twist in the story of life!!  For the past 9 months baby number 3 was it!! We planned for a tubal to take place at the same time as the C-section up until that moment that was still the plan, however a few events that week caused me to change my mind and with confidence of not wanting to be done and still having the option to have more was very natural to change.  Yes   there could be more Fledderman’s down the road.  
After a wonderful stay at the hospital with excellent care from the nurses and staff for three days this momma was ready to go home.  Shower in your own home= priceless!!  The thought of sleeping in my own bed=priceless!!  Seeing Clint and Josie meet baby Henry for the first time=priceless!!

Being a mom by far is one of the most challenging jobs out there but at the same time I could not imagine life without the title of mom.
As this capture of life as a mom of three just gets underway I look forward to all the adventures, challenges ahead, fun times, and memories made.
Time to go and create those captures as a mom of three now!!


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