Thursday, February 19, 2015

Potato Stamping

Potato Stamping

Well in the words of my son Clint “mom we need to use the paints more often some are drying out”. Well I kind of agree yes I enjoy being creative but crafty is an entirely different subject.  As I was surfing Pinterest for ideas of how to be crafty this cold Thursday morning, it hit me!! When talking to a lot of moms about making healthy choices with what to eat they just become extremely overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

Our craft DID NOT turn out like the picture I was going for!!  It wasn’t perfect at all, it’s the same way with making healthier choices in the beginning its ugly, sometimes what we pictured taking place in the first week didn’t happen.  The cool thing just like crafts it’s your master piece and you hold the pen, marker, or potato in this case. 
We will be trying this craft in the future I learned in order to have more surface area it would have worked better to cute the potato down the middle, causing it to also look more like an egg shape for Easter.
Live. LEARN. Try. Explore. NEVER give up

Happy Thursday!!

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