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So as many of you know I started out as just a customer with beachbody and started working out with the program chelean extreme and loved it.  I joined a 90 day challenge group that is a closed online facebook group and learned about clean eating, meal planning, tips to stay on track, and motivation.  From that group I decided to become a coach and help other with this amazing program that has been created and duplicated.  So like most people wonder what does a beachbody coach do? How much time is it going to take? Do I have to keep inventory? How much does it cost? Would I be good at it? These are all great questions and questions I can answer for you.

Oh yes last summer I had settle into the "normal" stay at home mom/business owners roll. Day to day operations everything I could ask for a husband that takes great care of me two wonderful kids a nice house to raise kids in.

I would say to most that's what success looks like. But was I really making a difference? Was I using the talents that God gave me? Did one day run into the next? Was I living out my purpose in life? Was something missing?

Great I had loss the baby weight and was feeling great and had a ton more energy. And the opportunity of being a beachbody coach came up, and of course I had fear like, I'm not at my goal weight, I'm for sure not an expert in nutrition or fitness, how much time does it take, how do you make an income, that's one of those things that people at the top only make income, I'm from a small town I only know so many people. 

  I mean the list went on but the more I asked questions and gained knowledge the more fear went away. And I started to get excited, the idea of still having my freedom with my time, how I spend it, where I work from, being my own boss, not having a limit on income made, and getting in the best shape of my life all seem to sound like something worth giving a try.

I mean right how many businesses can you start and not go into financial debt or use your own capital. In addition have all the support you could ask and help along the way. Starting any trade business to ask or gain any advice from someone in the same business is more then likely your competitor but rather I have an entire team that wants to see me succeed.

I can't say how rewarding it is to personally be able to help others get healthy and have a different out look on life. I personally love to encourage others and I believe in everyone and I'm able to let that shine as a beachbody coach.
You don't need to be a personal trainer or have a degree in nutrition.  But if you are someone that enjoys helping other, works well independently, and enjoys working out this might be a good fit for you.  Have you ever thought boy it would be nice to have a little extra money in saving or it would be really nice to take my family on a vacation.  For me owning my own business is nothing new but a business with beachbody is not like any other business I've done before.  My husband and I are use to the being traditional business owners which means taking on debt with no personal  guarantee.  But starting a business with beachbody were everyone is offered the same benefits you can make the business what ever you want it to be.

You can do it part time and keep your full time job, work the business and the more lives you affect the income follows.  As a stay at home mom that would just like to make some extra income and not need to put your kids in day care.  What ever your goals are becoming a coach is super rewarding you are able to help others make big changes in there lives, meet a ton of new people, and create income.  Are you in? Do you have questions? I know I had a lot of the same questions you have when I first started and would love to answer those for you. 
Now excepting applications for my next up coming coach basics group to help you grow your own income based on helping other get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle.  I'm looking for BIG dreamers!!  Leaders!! mixed with a helping heart and wanting to see others meet their weight loss goals.
I am looking for 2 individuals that are HIGHLY MOTIVATED, DRIVEN, DETERMINED, and PERSISTANT to join my team! I want to work with the best of the best! 

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