Friday, October 4, 2013



We all have it but what to do with it we all want changes will we do them?  We all want a six pack will we work for it?  Determination- and goal driven go together.  Talk is cheep and easy but do we have what it takes to follow thru?  This is a great definition of determination:


Here is list of 6 reasons people don't fallow thru with determination

  1. Lack of understanding – What I often find is that people don’t know how to do some of the simplest tasks in their workouts.   This lack of understanding quite often stops or at a minimum delays them from taking action and ultimately they will just get distracted by other things.

   2. Don’t know where to start – This is one of the first questions folks usually ask me…  “where do we start?”.  The reason is because even simple tasks usually have multiple moving parts. Will I have to make 2 different dinners?  So not knowing where to start will often stop people from ever starting at all.

   3.Overwhelmed with details – So let’s say someone understands what to do and even knows where to start…But with to many details it becomes to much information.

   4. Priorities – A lot ofz things happen in are every day and  knowing your priorities is very important. 

   5. Out of control with their time – This is one of the ROOT causes I see a lot.  When I work with people I always look for ways to fine tune their schedule.  Even if they don’t ask for that…  Reason being is that this is often the first excuse… “I didn’t have enough time”. 

6.Stress – While this is just an excuse, stress is very real and often debilitating.  And it is often compounded by items 1 through 5 on this list not being answered for the individual and that ultimately creates more stress.  Stress is not only a distraction it can result in a depression and other paralyzing behavior that makes a person stop caring.

So is this time different?  Determination is just a word in the English language but for results you must take action to follow thru with what needs to take place.


Are you ready to go to bed knowing that your actions brought you closer to your goal rather then farther away?  Do you want help but don't know were to start in your weight loss journey.  Lets do it together ask when my next challenge group starts so that we can put some action in place. 

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