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Vegan Shakeology

Vegan Shakeology

What is Vegan Shakeology? Is Shakeology Dairy Free?
Vegan Shakeology Ingredients? Is Vegan Shakeology Gluten Free? List of ingredients? Cost? Recipes?

Hey there!!  These are great questions and in the last week I've been asked so it was time to create a blog post and share the info you've been asking for.

Is Shakeology dairy free?

The Tropical Strawberry and Chocolate Vegan Shakeology are dairy free, Lactose free and soy-free. They contain a new proprietary blend of plant-based proteins. It is ideal for those who cannot tolerate or wish to avoid whey protein. Many people find that a vegan protein is more easily digested by the body than animal protein.  Often times nursing moms find the Vegan option to be helpful.  Vegan shakeology is 100% Plant base-
  •   Maintain a healthy weight
  • Have fewer digestive issues
  • Feel lighter and more energetic


    Vegan Shakeology


    They’re smoother than ever!

    And while we beefed up our vegan flavors to make them more delicious to your 10,000 taste buds, we also added GMO-free oat protein to our original vegan protein blend of pea and rice, making the texture and consistency of our vegan shakes incredibly smooth and creamy. Plus, oat protein is a nutritious protein source that’s rich in essential amino acids (including leucine, isoleucine, and lysine). Nevertheless, you can’t go wrong with smooth and healthy.  This information has been pulled directly from the creators of Vegan Shakeology (dated May 27th 2014)

    List of ingredients-

    Vegan Shakeology

     Formula updated to help with texture and taste-

    Organic Agave Fruit powder is a wholesome, non-GMO, ingredient that imparts a sweet flavor which also contributes prebiotic fiber.  Although Shakeology was originally very low in sugar, this upgrade also lowered both the total sugar content slightly, as well as carbs.  As with most fruit, Agave contains fructose and has the added benefit of being naturally high in inulin, a prebiotic fiber, to support digestive health.  Unlike many of the cheaper sources of agave on the market, that use low quality materials and are enzymatically treated (similar to high fructose corn syrup processing) the organic agave used in Shakeology is naturally extracted without enzymes or chemical additives.

    Is Shakeology certified as Gluten Free?

    Shakeology is not certified gluten free. Although Shakeology is made with gluten-free ingredients, all Shakeology formulas are in a manufacturing facility that also processes known allergens such as soy, milk, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts and wheat (gluten) ingredients. While the manufacturing procedures follows strict, required FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), which include immediate cleaning and breaking down of equipment after every production batch and proper air filtration systems as precautionary measures, the possibility of cross-contamination can never be 100% eliminated, therefore we are required by the FDA, to include a warning that addresses this.
    Let's talk price!!  I mean sure you can head into your local GNC and pick up some protein shakeology for half the price of shakeology here's the thing you can't feel like a million bucks eating from the dollar menu.  Food in fuel for out bodies putting garbage in will only leave you feeling like crap.  Yes shakeology is a daily investment in your health and up front it seems a bit pricy because your investing in 30 healthy meals with zero clean up, zero waste, zero counting calories or nutrition, the work is already done.  It's a true meal replacement with the proper balance of complex carbs and protein.  In the United States most of use are not protein deficient but lacking nutrition.  So looking at the price of shakeology a few things to keep is not comparing it to a protein shake, no soy, no artificial sweeteners, and artificial flavorings.  This video does a great job adding up all the ways we spend money but can be eliminate in a quest to live a healthier life. 
    Vegan Peanut Butter Cup
     2 teaspoons almond butter
     1/2 banana
     4 oz almond milk
     9 oz water and ice with the chocolate
    1 scoop of chocolate shakeology
    Vegan Tropical Paradise
    8oz water
    4oz ice
    splash coconut extract
    4 oz frozen Pineapple
    1 scoop of vegan strawberry shakeology
    Vegan Shakeology

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