Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Trying Shakeology

Trying Shakeology

So I thought I would take a few minutes to address concerns that I here about drinking shakeology. 

-I don't want to rely on drinking a shake every day
-The cost
-Does it really help

And let me just say I felt the same way I had all the same objectives and it took me some time to really think about it.  So first thing first when you buy a challenge pack you are getting shakeology for less then what I pay as a coach(Benifits of buying a challenge pack).
And no you do not need to rely on it forever t
he reason I have shakeology as mandatory is because a lot of times when we start something new its overwhelming. It’s hard to plan out all of your meals. So with shakeology it’s 1 quick, convenient and super easy meal that you know you are getting exactly what your body needs to sustain energy and reach your goals.  After that first bag is gone I will have taught you what you needed to know.  Beachbody is amazing in the fact that you can you 100% of their product and if you don't like it place the empty bag in the mail and receive all your money back.  Also here is a price of what you may spend out and also check out the calories.

Trying Shakeology

The other great thing is you buy one product and can make it a ton of different ways.  I will help you find just the right recipe so you enjoy it, it won't be something you gag down. For me I always thought eating clean just meant not eating ice cream and chips.  I can give you the tools needed to make it a life style not something you start and stop after a few months.  I know I would not of had the success I did without drinking shakeology once a day.  No its so convenient as a busy mom I still continue to drink it shakeology because even if I have a day I did not plan ahead on I still know I'm getting one meal that has everything in it that my body needs. 

Would you like more info send me a message.

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