Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The benefits of buying a challenge pack

The benefits of buying a challenge pack
So one of the great things that beachbody has done for their customer is made a "challenge pack".  What does that mean and more importantly what do you get as a customer.  Well once you place your order you can expect to get your package in 4-5 business days.
The benefits of buying a challenge pack

So great it comes to your house and this is an example of what comes when you buy T25 each workout is a little different in what comes in the challenge pack.  But you can always count on receiving a 30 day bag of shakeology (you get to pick your flavor), how to measure your body and take before pictures, recipes for shakeology, a book with great recipes and meal options, a calendar of what workout to do what day, the workout disc for the program, a bonus disc of either that workout or a sample of another great beachbody product they offer. 

So now what?  We have all been their before and buy something that we think we will stick to, we may do for a few weeks but then we fall off the wagon and go back to our old ways.  Not this time!! Because when you signed up to buy this challenge pack and put in rachel9876 as your coach you get ME!! And with buying a challenge pack vs just buying the workout you will be placed in an exclusive closed facebook group and from their we will work together on how to stay on track, what to pack when traveling, how to stay motivated, set realistic goals for you, meal planning, daily interaction, and what foods to eat to give you the best results.  This closed facebook group has been created by my coach who currently holds the number 3 spot out of 120,000 coaches.  Wow and challenge group after challenge group has seen results.  Yes I am a product of this and with entering into the "unknown" was a bit scary but I'm so glad I did I can really say it has changed my life in so many ways.  You end up creating great relationships with those folks that are in the challenge group. After all you all have the similar goals.

 "I don't want to drink a shake as a meal replacement"
 "It cost to much"
 "what if I don't like the taste"
 "I don't have time"

My response would be I felt the same way those are legit reasons not wanting to try it.  But the good news is beachbody has a 100% money back guarantee on shakeology(bottom of the bag), a workout that is only 25 minutes with great results is awesome we might spend that much watching a tv show on our butts wishing our butt looked like the lady on tv. 

So we have choices every day this happens to be one of them.  The choice is yours take a minute and challenge yourself.

Are you ready to make changes?
Are you tired of not having any energy?
What are your goals?
Do you want your clothes to fit good and feel good wearing them?

Also the cool think about buying a challenge pack, that you get shakeology for like $60.00 that is less then what I pay for it as a coach.  The whole reason for starting out with drinking shakeology is knowing that your body is getting at least one meal a day with all the vitamins your body needs for the day.  Until I can teach you more about nutrition. 

If you have any questions on buying a challenge pack message me we can chat.  

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