Friday, August 9, 2013

Tips for staying on track during the weekend

So it's the weekend!!  You worked so hard to wake up early every morning and workout, planned ahead with your meals, and drank enough water threw out the day.  But what now?  How do I stay on track?  We will always have wedding, graduation parties, picnics, and birthday parties.  For my family we will be going to the Elk county fair tonight.  Growing up I have so many good memories of taking my pony and spending the entire week there.  So tonight as we go my focus is going to be on creating memories with my family.  Of course the food will smell good and the candy apples will catch my eye but it's more important not to indulge in something that is going to taste good for a few minutes and leave me feeling like crap a half hour later.  
Tips for staying on track during the weekend

So maybe your weekend will include going out to eat
Tips to stay on track:
-Past on the bread
-you drink water at home so continue to do the same while out
-Ask for your side of vegetable to not have butter added or salt
-Portion control is key yes you're paying for the entire meal does not mean you want to be paying for the extra calories consume from over eating. When the food comes out simply ask for a take-out box and from the beginning place half of your meal in the box.
-Leave the dressing in the kitchen
-When looking at the menu avoid getting a dinner that my use the words smothered or heaping!!
-Keep it simple a piece of chicken or grilled salmon
-AVOID the desserts it may say low sugar or low fat but come one we avoid those items in the grocery store so do the same while eating out.
-Zero Tolerance. You want to avoid alcohol because sugar can derail you in the most powerful way.
-DRINK lots and lots of water even with following these steps you don't want any unwanted sodium hanging around flush your system!

Picnics! Birthday Parties! Graduation Parties!
It's a lot easier if you know what is going to be on the menu.  Just Ask!  But in the case you are not aware of what food will be served PRE EAT!  Offer to bring something, and with doing to bring a CLEAN dish (not a homemade cake and then you will be taking home left overs).
Tips for staying on track during the weekend

Family Time!
It's only been three months into eating clean and making changes but with doing so I'm able to get my family involved.  So instead of taking my apple and almonds to my mom and dad's house I know that I don't need to those kind of snack are available. Maybe your family members are not on board BE the example.  Family is forever and you want them to have the same success so set an example! 
Tips for staying on track during the weekend

Examples to stay active:
-Ride bikes
-Go to the park
-Meet a friend at the gym instead of the bar
-Walk and talk with a friend instead of sitting on the coach and talking on the phone
-Game night
-Playing ball
Whatever your family enjoys doing, just get moving and with staying on track with what you're eating and fueling your body right you will have energy to do these kind of activities!
Tips for staying on track during the weekend

And make a new recipe with you shakeology! Who won't like to enjoy a girl scout cookie but this time have it be the best meal of the day for your body!

If you would like to join a challenge group and need more info contact me.  Lets get a game plan that works for you!

Tips for staying on track during the weekend

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