Sunday, November 30, 2014

Planning out 2015

Planning out 2015

There is something about making goals, setting goals, writing them down, and looking at them every day.  I’m not sure if others are driven by a goal but for me personally it pushes me on the day I don’t feel like it, the times it would be easy to give up.

I have to share what my goals looked like for 2014


Here is what I learned in the last year I’m still as excited about sharing this opportunity with others whether it’s by helping someone reach their fitness goals or create more financial freedom.  Over the holiday weekend my Diamond coach and also sister sat down and made a few YouTube videos sharing more in detail what a coach does?  Who coaching is right for?  And how this opportunity can change the direction of your future, she spoke about starting out 9 months ago and how being a beachbody coach has allowed her to replace her income of working 30 plus hours out of the home every week.  And since that point I’ve been really thinking about goals for 2015 and what they should be centered around.

2014 my main focus was to help 50 people live a healthier lifestyle my focus is still always to help others live a healthier life but truly making a shift and focusing on helping other woman that feel stuck just like my own sister did.  Having the tension of her working out of the home 30 plus hours a week truly took a toll. 

Here is the thing I’m going to be honest I make daily mistakes and for sure don’t have all the answers.  However I’m willing to show up every day and put my focus on failing forward and learning from it, staying committed when things get a little tough.  In the end being successful at coaching is structured around just that.

I’m an introvert and you will never catch me being the center of the party I prefer small group settings and one on one conversations.  I truly started out with 10 people to invite to my first challenge group.  My husband did not support my choice, my kids still don’t sleep well, and we run a tradition business so my days are full however over the past 15 months I’ve created a system that is easily duplicable if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone.

First goal going into 2015 is to bring 4 women on my team home from their job.  It might be a newly married mom that wants the chance to raise her kids and still needs to create income.  It might be a mom that would like to have baby number 2 but the thought of daycare out weights the chance for her to do so, or the person that works a crazy amount of time but can never seem to get ahead.

Focus beyond helping others is knowing down at my core that this is what God wants me to be doing in 2015.  Looking daily for guidance and willing to see how things unfold.  Just a mom on a mission


There is something about a year coming to an end in 30 days everyone sets out wanting better health and more freedom.  What if you could mix the two together?  I’m not any kinda fitness pro or carry any degrees in nutrition however I’m willing to stay true to who I am and what how life unfolds. 

Live each day, week, month, and year carrying out your purpose.

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