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Insanity Max 30 reviews

Insanity Max 30 reviews

A few things about myself I never workout from home until a year and a half ago.  I was your typical mom that would start Monday with working out on the treadmill a little running and a little sweat.  After finding the baby weight hard to come off after our second child I knew something had to change so I committed to good nutrition and a beachbody program.  Let's just say over the past 1.5 years I've done most of the programs and I have a few favorite,  Insanity being one of them.  This by far was the program that gave my stomach definition after 2 C-sections however even as a health coach committing to the 60 min. workouts in month two was very hard to stick with.  So introducing Insanity Max 30 is like music to my ears!!

So what is Max 30?  Well it's designed with 150 new moves and created for the customer to still see killer results HOWEVER in 30 minute workouts instead of 60 minutes.  I loved doing insanity and by far the program that I had the best stomach definicine but even being someone that was committed to great fitness the second month was killer with finding the time to workout for 60 minutes with two little ones that refuse to sleep great.  Insert the perfect program for men and woman short on time but want to max out with their fitness MAX30!!

When is it released?

December 2nd

What type of workouts will you be doing for 8 weeks?

Insanity Max 30 reviews

From what I've been told this workout is designed for strength however it's killer.

Insanity Max 30 reviews

Friday Fight is 30 minutes of fighting just to finish your mind will need to be 100% focused just to get through the workout.

Insanity Max 30 reviews

Cardio Challenge will change the way you ever viewed cardio before in your life and a Saturday morning run will feel like a walk in the park with the dog.

Well in true beachbody fashion they want to see customers having results and with comes not only killer workouts but a great nutritional guide plus with the purchase of a challenge pack you will be able to incorporate 30 days of dense nutrition AKA shakeology and in doing so safe a BIG amount on the workout program it's self.  Will there be wiggle room in the guide?  Yes but keep in mind for 8 weeks your all in so to see MAX results the wiggle room will be small.

Motto- if you still look cute at the end of the workout you did not MAX out. 

Is this different then T25?
YES here is the answer from someone that is in a coach test group- week 3 "Yes its definitely going to be harder, less choreographed, higher intensity, totally different moves and meant to be advanced. 60 day workout program, and the whole max out idea is what you are going for. Going full tilt until you literally can't go anymore, taking a break and then jumping back in. Goal is to increase your max time with each workout. No weights, all bodyweight!"

Breaks- 15 seconds not 45 seconds like the orginal Insanity

For more details I've created a closed online facebook group to add readers just like yourself that has interest but would like to learn more details as they are released.  This group will be open with information until the program is released and from that I will be offering an exclusive test group for those serious about seeing results.  The chance to wind cash will be on the table by submitting your results as well.

To be added click HERE

The challenge groups I run are FREE to my customers

So it's a win
Killer program
Great nutrition
Chance to win cash

So real quick my question to you are you one of those that owned Insanity in the past and.....

A. Never made it past week 1
B. Month two never happened
C. You finished the program and loved it
D. You always wanted to try but the 60 minute workouts scared you
E. I just need to make changes and need a great program

Let's make this happen we start together and we finish together

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