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24 week pregnant and working out

24 week pregnant and working out
15 weeks to go!!! It's hard to believe

24 week pregnant and working out

How am I feeling? For the most part good ask me at the beginning of the day and I have lot of energy and "pregnancy brain" has not set in yet. As the day goes on small taste seem way bigger than they are. I think that's one of the hardest parts about being pregnant I like to be active and get things down however I know that a baby is growing inside of me and rest is part of being pregnant. So after dinner it's pretty much chill time with the kids and time to take it easy after going all day.



 Of course the morning is still "my jam" my me time!! Pregnant of not I just feel so much better after a good workout. With the third trimester around the corner I'm starting to use the modifier "Kat" on the 21 day fix. Most moves I can still do but might go at a little slower pace. Why the 21 day fix while pregnant? It just works well for beginners but still affective so being that I'm this far along I feel more like a beginner but I still feel like the workouts are affective NO jumping Light weights and easy moves. But trust me my arms and lower half FEEL it the next day!!
24 week pregnant and working out



Eating-Not so bad this week 2 weeks ago I was pretty much eating anything in site (baby must of been growing). I enjoyed some Halloween candy with the kids last week however I was quick to send it to the shop with my husband let's face it if it's here I will be tempted. Do I eat 100% clean while pregnant? No I human but try and follow the 80/20 rule.


Weight gain?

 I honestly could not tell you, I go by how I feel. I did increase my water intake for each day as I could tell I was slacking and listened to my body. Zero swelling yet!! Yippee!! Zero stretch marks!! Yippy!! I just take it day by day it's a blessing to be pregnant and I'm thankful for a healthy pregnancy I won't let a number on the scale define how I feel while being pregnant.



 When I say this stuff is liquid gold I mean it. It's my personal choice to drink it but after the first few months of drinking it I realized more of the nutritional benefits shakeology has to offer above just something for weight loss. I could not eat enough healthy foods in a day to receive the nutrition I get from one shakeo a day. It also helps with my fibromyalgia and for that I'm very grateful for. The other times I was pregnant that was the first thing that would flare up and taking over the counter medicine every day to keep the inflammation down. Plus I think this entire pregnancy I've had 3 headaches the other pregnancies it was pretty much a headache every day for 9 months. So between clean eating, shakeology, and just being in tuned to my body this by far is the best pregnancy yet. I add in an over the counter folic acid and iron because if I was taking a prenatal vitamin it would be an overload however I need the extra iron and folic acid while pregnant.

24 week pregnant and working out

What does the last 15 months look like?

 Steve and I have the best families and they are always willing to help with watching the kids with dr. visits etc. I might schedule in two Pedi's from now until the end as a treat to myself as well. I purchased a few new sleepers but really this baby doesn't need much. Clint and Josie don't really know what to think of a baby coming. Just taking it day by day by trying not to let being uncomfortable from time to time take over the miracle that is happening.


Advice if you’re thinking of becoming pregnant?

 9 months when you break it down during pregnancy does seem like forever. I wish I would of known 4 years ago what I know now and share with others about creating a lifestyle not a crash diet. Find what works for you and commit to making time for yourself now and getting your health under control now vs. being pregnant and having extra additional health issues that cause risk for you and your baby. There will never be a perfect time to invest in your health there will always be holidays, birthdays, parties etc. Once that miracle happens all of a sudden it becomes about being healthy not just for you but for your baby.

24 week pregnant and working out

 If you’re thinking of becoming pregnant and have questions I would love to help you. If you’re in the middle of your pregnancy I would love to hear from you, each day is not roses and flowers so it's great to talk with other mom's to be.

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