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10 misconceptions of being a beachbody coach

10 misconceptions of being a beachbody coach

So I truly wanted to sit down for the past week and share different misconceptions about what beach body coaching is all about and if it would be a good fit for your family. I’ve received a lot of message and e-mails over the past month and thought what better way than to tell a little bit about my story and how becoming a beach bodybody coach had changed my life and my family’s life as well.  I call myself a stay at home mom but truly since age 5 I’ve been an entrepreneur.  I always worked harder then the next person and not matter what I would go the extra mile.  My background before staying home with the kids was a waitress after being home for 2 years I was missing that drive I love the feeling of going after goals in life and never settling.  I think sometimes as a mom we get this feeling that our lives have to be put on hold until the kids go to school.  That is just not true anymore it’s 2014 MOM’S you can have the best of both worlds I’m living prof.  My husband and I own our own excavation business as well as rental properties.

10 misconceptions of being a beachbody coach

Everyone has a story when they decide to sign up as a beachbody coach. I realize mine is a bit different

I’m not the “rags to riches story”

I’m not the desperate housewife wanting to go shopping and on a tight budget without extra funds

I’m not the mom that worked full time and wanted the chance to stay home full time with her kids

But rather I always knew I would do something amazing with my life. I have a business mind and in the past it always comes down to the dollar amount. Beachbody is so not about the big bonuses or get rich quick but rather what grabbed my attention was how many lives I could change. What drives me every day to be better? I totally see the bigger picture and love the flexibility that follows putting others first. By putting others first the income follows from day one I believe I had what it takes to be successful and that mixed together is enough.
I don't know enough people
Yes let’s start with my personal biggest fear!!  I’m an introvert and the thought of talking to complete strangers and telling them about the T25 scares the crap right out of me.  My network of friends consists of very few close friends because if you’re an introvert you totally understand that’s how you like to keep it.  Would you be surprised to know that 95% of the coaches on my team I’ve never met in my life?  If you’re someone that is willing to learn who to use social media I will teach you what took me HOURS to figure out over the past 14 months.
I'm not fit enough to be a coach
Great neither was I when I started I’m just a mom with kids that don’t sleep the entire night and a husband that leaves early in the morning.  With that being said I’m a real person with the same real struggle and have had 2 C-sections but I work consistently everyday to live a healthier life and now pregnant with baby number 3 I really am not at my goal weight however I can still inspire others to live a better life and so can you!!
I don't have enough money to become a coach
Oh I would love to share with you my thoughts on this what other business can you invest 40 bucks (less money than it takes to buy the family pizza) and turn it into a million dollar business.  Most business owners want to see a profit in the first month I will show you how to create an income from home if your teachable.  For the first 3-6 months - you will learn from me and what I do with my business. I will walk you through everything step by step. After a few months of following what I've shown you, your pay could be anywhere between 100$-300$ weekly.  From there, your pay can increase to 500$ - 1000$ per week on average (over $50,000 annually) for the following 6-8 months. You can expect that number will double or even triple every year if you are consistent with your commitment towards the business.
I don't have the time to make coaching successful
YEP short on time heck yeah same here, I work our traditional business and it consumes about 15 to 20 hours a week doing all the behind the sense “stuff”. Everything from ordering job materials, returns, checking prices, sending out invoices, paying bills, balancing the check book, payroll, new employee paperwork, payroll taxes, quarterly taxes, phone calls, the list goes on. My husband is out of the house most days for 12+ hours, I have two little one’s that keep me hooping I manage the house, and find time to put dinner on the table.  HOWEVER I carve out time consistently every day for my beach body business first thing in the morning while my kids are either just waking up or still sleeping and do so after they go to bed.  I will teach you what you need to do in an hour each day to be successful.  There is not a quota that needs to be met each month and the crazy thing about being your own CEO you get to decide how much time you spend on growing your business because its your business. 
I am not a healthy and fitness expert
It’s awesome if you are but what I’ve found is the more natural a person is others can relate beside that’s what they are buying the workouts like T25 and Insanity for the customer is receiving an export in their own home plus shakeology gives the customer one meal a day with a dense dose of nutrition our job as coaches is for accountability hence the reason for running challenge groups to support those wanting to live a better life. 
I am not a sales person and don't care to be the "crazy person" others hide from at Target
Oh I know what you mean!!  What I found is just by sharing my story and being real with people on social media others relate and naturally what to be a part of what I’m doing.  I set out every morning to add value to others lives not just “sell a challenge pack”.  Beside I have an amazing opportunity that can truly change some one’s life for the better.  With my focus being set that way I never feel odd posting about a challenge group or the opportunity to make a business from beach body because it has truly changed my life and I know it has the chance to change others as well. 
There are too many coaches out there it's too late for me

Really???? No this cannot even be something that holds you back with obesity on the rise people need this with more and more families living pay check to pay check there are plenty of others that could benefit from the choice you make to today “why not me”.  I really think it’s like the last man standing well ok the coach that just keeps going no matter what life throws your way you just keep staying consistent and 6 months from now you will realize being consistent it what makes you successful.

I don't like to work out from home, I prefer the gym
Ok so I came across this every now and then.  To be honest, I know quite a few Beachbody coaches who do in fact go to the gym.  What they do is use Beachbody fitness programs as a supplemental at-home program.  Believe it or not, coaching is not all about exercising.  It's about living a healthy life which includes eating healthy too!  You don't get that at a gym.  So, you don't have to give up your gym fetish to be a coach.  You can still use the products, be a product of the product, eat healthy, AND go to the gym!

Beachbody coaching is a pyramid scheme

I love MLM businesses because  everyone starts out the same.  And how much you success is a direct reflection of how many people you help.  How many of you have a traditional job and the only way to increase your income is by getting a raise, your boss getting promoted, or someone above you changing jobs?  That sounds like a pyramid to me just saying plus pyramid scheme are eligible and I’m pretty sure if beachbody was doing something illegal they would not advertise it all over the TV and internet.

I have no business experience

Honestly some of you might look at me and think she is successful because she owns other businesses but honestly the skills that made me successful as a waitress carry over into my beachbody business.  Treat others the way you would want to be treated, offer awesome customer service, keep the line of communication open, knowing how to work with different personalities, and teacher others how to do what you do.

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