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30 day clean eating group

Busy moms 30 day clean eating group

30 day clean eating group

Wow September!! The summer feels like it’s almost GONE!!  I have to say fall is my favorite time of the year but for many this means a new schedule, busy running kids to sporting events,  maybe you’re a teacher headed that started back to work.  Everyone has a story and I would like to learn more about what your weight loss goals are.  With that being said I’ve had a lot of interest from others that either just simply cannot fit working out in, would like to learn more about clean eating or they need a reset on healthy eating.  Busy moms with a full schedule this is PERFECT for you we start September 15th!!

We will work together to make food prep part of your day.
30 day clean eating group
Here are results 3 days in-
30 day clean eating group

Learn not only the in's and out's of how to shop the grocery store for clean eating food, recipes for busy moms, meal planning, and accountability.

30 day clean eating group

So what is a 30 day clean eating group?

1.  You must be a customer of mine through my Team beachbody site

2.  You must commit to 30 days of  3 day refresh

Busy Woman's Meal Plan and Accountability Group To Keep you On Track this Fall

This comes in a nice little package with free shipping and a discounted price.  You aren't locked into anything at all and you can decide whether you want to make Shakeology a part of your routine after the 30 days or continue with just the new habits you have learned.  Shakeology truly was something  I was very unsure of at first but once I started drinking it as a breastfeeding mom at the time I did a lot of research in to what was not only healthy for myself but my 3 month old baby as well, it gives me natural energy to get through my busy day and it gives me convenience when I need to be portable and on the go!  I know exactly what clean eating is and I can certainly maintain my results without shakeology but honestly its the convenience and 1 less meal I have to think about.  It's just a part of my healthy routine and I know my body is getting what it needs in the most natural state.  It totally keeps my sweet tooth at bay (and I swear it's the missing link)  You should give it a try.  30 days and if you don't like it you can return for a full refund.  What do you have to lose?!

3.  You must be willing to participate daily in our closed online support group. Each day you will get a tip, trick, recipe or suggestion from me and at the end of each day you log in and report your day.  You say on a scale of 1 to 5 how your food was, how your exercise went, did you drink your shakeology and any questions or comments.  This way we keep each other on track and I know how to support you better in your 30 days with me!


I tried to lose weight on my own but heck after the first week I fell of and it would take another two weeks to start again.  Besides shakeoology being amazing I found the support and accountability to be such a blessing in this entire process of losing weight and making it happen.  I continue to pay it forward and would love for you to give it a try for 30 days.
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