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Using the grocery store as a place to teach your kids about nutrition

Using the grocery store as a place to teach your kids about nutrition

grocery shopping with kids

How many of you with little one’s dread going grocery shopping?  I remember a time as a new mom it was “fun” the baby was feed and you walked around the grocery store and everyone commented on how darling your little one is. 

We are not in that stage in our lives anymore my view now on going grocery shopping is “get in and get out”

I’m not a mom that has the luxury of a husband that is home for dinner at 6pm every night or off on the weekends.  So with that being said going to the store is a “chore” however I’ve learned a few tricks that truly help me to stay on track and even use this as a teaching time.

Have a plan

It’s so easy to just walk in and buy what you always buy and pick up extra’s if they look good here is the problem without having a grocery list you spend more and you forget more which means less dough in the pocket book and more trips to the store.

Every week I spend time creating a meal plan YES it takes time but totally worth it!!  How many of you dread the thought of coming up with what to make for dinner every night?  I found by doing this I then create a shopping list and truly shop at the same 3 stores.  So from the first list I them mentally think of the layout of the store and but what I need in order to how it is in the store.  Yes this is extra prep on your end but totally worth getting in and out.
Use those "fun" carts

Mom's you know what I'm talking about the carts that make you feel like your driving a school bus.  Oh well for our kids it keeps their hands the wheel and they have a blast thinking they are driving us though the store.

Let the kids pick one item

I do let the kids pick one item every week we go grocery shopping.  So as we are going up and down the aisle they understand they can say they want x,y,z but can only pick one.  It cause them to have options I’m not saying no cookies I’m not saying no chips I’m saying for that week they each pick one and of course it’s a snack.  However we don’t have a “snack cupboard” at home I did before but truly wanted the entire family to make positive changes so it started with me cleaning out.  By the time the kids have pick up a few items and put a few back they both are happy with what they picked and from that we can eliminate the “check outline meltdown” moms you know what I’m talking about all the candy bars.  However I use that time to say look what you picked out is a better value than a bag of m&m’s that will be gone before we get home.

Grocery shop at store that offer healthier food

We live in the world’s smallest town so truly we have one major grocery store to shop at and I’m not a big fan of that store as you are very limited in healthy options.  I tend to drive for more options which means shopping at Martin’s, Wegman’s, and Trader Joe’s so when the kids pick their snack we talk about they pick.  The box of sugary filled cereal or Leapin’ Lemurs peanut butter cereal my son is into dump trucks and diggers so I give him the option if you pick this one you’re not going to have as much energy to run around and play diggers however this box is a better option and you will be able to go faster.  I keep it simple they are kids but it’s never too early to talk about how food affects how you feel and your energy levels.
Grocery shopping with kids

How do I take time to read labels?

Same as wanting to make healthy choices for the kids I wanted to be able to do so for the entire family.  Where to start?  I set out each week to replace one item I used in the cupboard and take 5 minutes in the store to find a better option.  It can seem very intimidating to change everything all at once start small.  It might mean making Chili this week for the family and instead of using ground beef replacing it with ground turkey.  Start small and set out to try a new clean recipe each week alongside switching out one item in your kitchen for a healthier option.

And in the perfect world the kids would be happy every time leaving the store and so would you.  But mom's we know that is not always the case.  Embrace the meltdowns when they do happen and from what I hear it won't always be this way.  I think these are the years we will look back and have mercy for the mom that are smack dab in the middle of meltdowns and say a quick pray because we know what they are going though.

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