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What a differance a year can make

What a differance a year can make

So to sit down and write a blog is just not my thing so hang tight with me because I truly believe people can benefit from what I do as a coach.  Some may know my story while others would like a little background.  May of 2013 I found it very hard to lose the baby weight after baby number two I tried everything nothing was working.  I was working out like crazy but truly it wasn’t enough I joined an online challenge group and jumped in with two feet embracing clean eating, committing to a 30 minute at home workout, accountability, and replacing one meal a day with shakeoology.  I could not believe the success I had at the end of 90 days I had lots 40 lbs. and felt amazing. 

My personality is seeing and believing in others when they don’t see it.  I enjoy and get a lot out of helping others.  My background before being a stay at home mom was waitressing so you could say I enjoyed this for similar reasons however I hate the hours, I did not want to miss out on raising our kids, hated knowing I was building someone else future, and enjoy working hard but on my own terms.


I’m just a small town girl with big goals and dreams with that being said I’m willing to work for things in life.  My goal for 2014 was to personally help 50 people transform their health for the better.  You could say I surpassed that goal and continue to help others thanks to dedication and time invested in learning about social media plate forms such as my blog and like page.  I just show up every day in the morning and at night when the kids go to bed willing to share my story and invite others to join.

So let’s talk money it can be a sensitive subject with many but what I know at my core is not only can I help with giving someone a healthier life day by day but helping with more financial independence.  Being able to see others on my team walk away from 30 plus hours of working out of the home to the mom that just wants to earn an extra 100.00 a week to offset the cost of raising a family has been equally rewarding.  I don’t know all the answers and fail every day but one thing I’m not willing to do is give up.  And at the end of the day and as 2014 ends that was simply enough. 

In the month of December when most are worried about paying for Christmas being a beachbody coach has been a blessing.  I ran some numbers yesterday and the income from last December to this year increased by 416%!!!!  The crazy cool thing is it doesn’t cap out this is music to a person that is not afraid to work hard for one to two years of my life.  The freedom of knowing when our third child is born I don’t have to rush back to a job only to make x amount of dollars a week and not be able to breastfeed my child.  Also missing out on watching our other two grow up because they are only little ONCE.  The freedom to pick up this past week and drive 1.5 hours away just to go to my two favorite grocery stories without checking in with anyone.

Plus knowing at my core I’m able to see someone start at the lowest point in their life with zero confidence to walking around enjoying life again.  I know this is my purpose and for sure I struggled at first with following that gut feeling this was for me but somehow God always shows up and equips you with the tools needed to push past hesitations.

At the beginning I had plenty say no that’s a “scam”

Here is what I know about “scrams”- they are deceiving people and have a dark side you can’t see.  They present one thing and give another.   When you want out, you find you are usually stuck with a huge loss of time, money and effort.  I’m not sharing  “products” that are not easy to say no thanks it’s not for me or signing up as a coach and saying 3 months in this is not right for me.  So if you ever wanted out, you leave with no strings attached, as a customer or a coach.  If your focus is on helping others your level of success will follow.

Scams also don't have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau
I promote products that help you get in better health. I empower you to help others do the same. And when you help others live healthier, we BOTH are rewarded. I offer nutrition that makes your body run better without chemical dependence or manipulation.  So when you take a look at your life where will you be 5 years from now?  Will just paying the minimum amount due on your mortgage and working your butt off for someone else’s future be in your cards?  Or as a stay at home mom wanting more freedom with your family’s time still seem to be a struggle? 

I invite you to see if coaching is right for you no strings attached.  I tend to meet your effort if you want to run with the business I meet your effort and show the ropes.  If truly just helping a few close family members is what you want to see happen I create resources available to do just that. 

There is no reinventing the wheel rather just whiling to jump aboard and take a chance on you. 

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