Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What to look for when picking out yogurt

What to look for when picking out yogurt

Good morning, so yesterday kicked off our Insanity Max 30 test group and the question about yogurt came up very quickly and for sure this is very common so I thought it would be helpful to sit down and write out what to avoid.  Let's face it clean eating is not always easy trust me when I started and I went to the "yogurt" section I just assumed they were all healthy I mean its yogurt made with dairy.  But here's the thing in today's world what the companies put in this "healthy food is just plain scary.  The fact that our culture is designed around "calories" and not quality is just plain sad.  So yes in order to keep the chemicals out of your yogurt the yogurts with a little more calories are actually going to help you as the day goes on.
So do I a favor after reading this blog go check your fridge and see if any of these ingredients happen to be in your yogurt?
First off never go by “low calorie” always turn the container over because more than likely it will contain the following:
Artificial flavorings
Sucralose (which means artificial sweetener)...
Acesulfame potassium (found in most diet drinks)

Corn Starch
Sugar being close to the top for ingredients 
Side effects to eating artificial sweeteners or flavoring, sucralose, acesulfame
Sweeteners simulate the sweet taste of sugar without all the calories found in table sugar and other calorie-laden sweeteners, such as high-fructose corn syrup. Concerned that the American obesity epidemic was occurring simultaneously with increased use of artificial sweeteners, Yale University neurobiologist Qing Yang conducted a review of the scientific literature on sugar substitutes and their effect on appetite and weight. Summing up her findings in the June 2010 issue of “Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine,” she cited strong evidence from previous studies showing a link between a person’s customary intake of a flavor and the intensity of his preference for more of that flavor. In other words, the sweet taste imparted by sugar substitutes tends to increase the yearning for more of that sweetness, which leads to overeating. She concludes: “Un sweetening the world’s diet may be the key to reversing the obesity epidemic.”

Chobani brand happens to be the one I really like plus the texture is great, its nice and creamy.
So what does all of that mean going back to yogurt?  So what you thought was healthy snack ended up being a food that would lead your body to crave more instead of stratifying hunger.
So now what?
Have you ever tried to eat plain Greek yogurt?  I still CAN NOT do it after a year and a half of eating clean.  Here are a few recipes I found that work wonders:
The kids and I enjoy an afternoon snack of yogurt and berries as well.  Depending on the time of the year I use either fresh or frozen.  Also taste amazing if you add fresh Granola on top.

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