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Making dreams your goals

Making dreams your goals

So I was challenge to really write down what I wanted to work towards in the next 12 months.  I for sure love goals and in the past I was able to make a few big ones happen.  Buying a house at age 19 on my own, paying it off in 5.5 years, buying a rental property at age 25, and then I want to be able to stay at home with the kids.  So my husband and I worked really hard to make that happen, after two years of not working out of the home I was so ready!!  I love working but for sure I was not wanting to give up my flexibility, so after having great results from an online challenge group that my coach did for 90 days, I was ready to go after something new.  I played around with it the first few months really not sure if it was for me and then on the third month when my customers started to have the same great success I was hocked ready to really make coaching a business.  So with that comes goals. 

While I'm sure my "goals" are annoying to some, seem ridiculous to others, unattainable to a few, and downright senseless and a waste of time they're............ MY goals.  And it's not just enough to write your goals down, put a date on it, and make it public.  How will I reach each of these goals?  Just like I set goals in weight loss, I will do things that need to be done on the days I don't feel like doing them, I will not stop when I hit a bump in the road, and of course I will make sacrifices for the next 12 months to reach these goals.  So this is a start for me and out of my comfort zone as I entered into the scary section of Wal-Mart the "craft zone" and bought things that sparkle and shin.  This puppy will hang in the basement while I workout and my goals will look me in my face everyday.  From that I will make a list of what needs to be done everyday to put me one step closer.

The Domino Effect

What does this mean? It means each month I will help other reach their own fitness goals by having a challenge group every month.  And with that I want to personally help 50 people reach their own fitness goals.

Energy to keep up with the kids/family

So to have my energy I need daily means I will continue to eat clean and healthy.  Also set a good example to my family. 


Yep my ticket has been purchases and I will be going to Vegas in June 2014 for training/ meeting up with my team as well.

Date night twice a month

Yes this is a must with two little ones a family business as well, time with hubby alone is a must!!  Because with out family life really is dull and none of these other goals would matter. 


I will be starting a test challenge group on December 30th and will be joining my challengers by doing the same workout.

Income 1,000 a week from Beachbody by September 2014

Why that amount as a goal?  Because that was my income in tips a week as a waitress before having kids.  It will be my year in business as a beachbody coach.

Ultimate Rest

I will do a 21 day ultimate reset that is made by beachbody to give myself a fresh start.


After having 2 ten lbs babies by C-section and never having abs this is something I will really need to work hard at but I know with P90x3 and eating clean I will reach this goal by April 1, 2014.

Single Moms

I think being a mom is one of the best jobs but also one of the hardest, I think moms that work and raise their kids rock.  My goal is to help one mom a month for the year 2014.

Buy land or purchase our dream home

This puppy has been on our list of goals for a few years and continues to be pushed aside.  Not this year this will be our goal and not to pay on it for 20 years.

5 star Diamond

This is beachbody related and is a really big milestone and I will hit it by December 31,2014.

Be a good leader

This is being able to help my team grow and hit their own goals.  I will set a good example and always putting others before myself.

Pay off rental property loan

Yes September 1, 2014 will be 2 years to the day that we purchased one of out rental properties and with the income I make from beachbody I will reach this goal!!

Read  for 30 minutes a day

Always being able to take more information in and applying it to how I go about my day is a great tool to set as a goal.

Look to God

So yes I have big goals and yes I will work daily on reaching them but if I'm not checking daily to see if this is still the direction my life should be going then things and goals are always able to be change. 

Family is so important to me and for sure I will take time and enjoy the small things in life.  I will enjoy potty training Josie this year because before you know it they will both be in school.  So time with the kids while they are home is going to be what counts.

Have a road map!!  I challenge you don't just go thru life wishing and hoping things will get better.  It takes action, action to make things that never happen before happen.  You get one life here on earth make it count, treat others the way you would want to be treated, live life without regrets, build relationships with those that truly have your best interest at heart. 

Making dreams your goals

Do you have dreams?  Do you wish you had the push to go after what you want in life?  Life is all in what you make of it and how you handle things that come your way.  Take the time and set your own personal goals for 2014 and stick to them.  Make sure your daily actions line up with what your shooting for and your goals should be a little scary and if their not they are not big enough!!

  I am 100% committed to helping my team, my customers and my challengers have the MOST success they can possibly have with my help!!!  Together we will set goals for ourselves, we will take action and we will achieve our dreams!!  Dream BIG and BE AMAZED AT THE POSSIBILITIES!!!!

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