Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Chalene Extreme transformation

Jeanette's Transformation

So of course I love being a coach and seeing people make changes to their life and in return a transformation happens.  But this transformation is my sister and it makes it all the more special.  Family means a lot to me and if you have family that supports you it's even better. 
Chalene Extreme Transformation

Jeanette is your classic mom with a ton on her plate.  Can I just say most days that we do get the chance to talk on the phone her to-do list and time frame of how she is going about her day makes my head spin.  I believe that she could make this work but for sure sacrifices had to be made on her end.  She is a wonderful house keeper, mom, wife, friend and employee.  She works 4-5 nights week at a horse barn giving riding lesson (travels 30 minutes one way), she keeps in close contact with a large group of friends, she is very involved with MOPS, she homeschools her daughter, she is able to make clean cooked dinners, be involved in her local church, and still found time to fit in Chalean Extreme first thing in the morning.  Most nights she gets to bed by 11:00 pm and is back up at 5:00 am to get the day started.  So the excuse of not having time to get in shape does not apply if she can make this happen anyone can.

So what I wanted to share with you was some of Jeanette's post on her facebook wall that got her were she is today.

"I am excited and curious to begin something new! I would not have tuned in to this without seeing the first-hand results with both of my sisters. My youngest sister Rachel is a coach and she is starting her latest Facebook challenge group soon! Let me know if you want to join us!! I am fascinated to see how this month unfolds!"

Chalene Extreme transformation

"Mom! MOM!!! Look! Those are dangerous! Them might explode and kill someone. Kylee, you are going to have to stay back!"

Oh my! Pomegranates spotted in the fridge! We had sampled an awesome salad at Wegmans yesterday and picked up everything to make it tomorrow. Including these "grenades"??

Jeanette and the entire family jumped on board change the kitchen and dinners being served to clean and healthy.
Chalene Extreme transformation

And of course Birthday's happened in the last 90 days as well.  So what did Jeanette do to stay focused made a more healthier version of birthday cake for her husband Sean's birthday.

Chalene Extreme transformation

Also picking up fresh fruits from the local market was very helpful along the way.  Healthy Complex carbs is something our body was designed to be able to take in and process giving us the most energy need.  This is not a "diet" were you eliminated food groups I just teach others how to do so in moderation.

Chalene Extreme transformation

Jeanette is a coffee drinker and also made the choice to have a cup and cut out white sugar.  She also enjoyed drinking shakeology daily as her breakfast and in doing so she was able to keep her need for sweets at bay.  With how much our food has changed, how it's grown, and processed over the years shakeology is sooooo important it's not a protein shake it's the most dense nutrition meal you will have in one day.  Trust me if I did not see a value in it I would not drink it and would not suggest others do the same. 

Jeanette has lost a total of 21" in 90 days and lost 35 lbs!!  And the best part she is below her pre-baby weight.  Anyone that is a mom knows that is a big mile stone.

This was a post from with in our challenge group-

"Kohl's is open late this month and I stopped there at 10:30 tonight on my way home from work. I was picking up some skincare items and a few misc Christmas gifts. BUT the best part was NEW JEANS!!!!! My work (teaching and riding at the barn) jeans were ridiculously huge and so very worn. I have been thankful to receive some lovely hand-me-down clothes from family and a friend of my sister Bethany. But no jeans there to wear with riding boots/half chaps. Anyways, tonight was my first night to shop in the "regular section" in nearly 8 years!!!! The jeans were $40 full price, super sale for $15 and down to $12 with my coupon. Hurray!!! I bought two pairs and came home and literally threw away the pair I had been wearing. They were that bad! I will dispose of the other two ancient pairs tomorrow!! How exciting!"

So Jeanette is so exited to keep going she has jam packed days and her energy is need in every minute so between eating right, drinking shakeology, and exercise she is able to keep going.  I can not wait to see what the next 90 days brings for her.

If you would like more details on how to be apart of my next challenge group message me and we I will help you create the same results, come willing to change and change will happen.

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