Monday, December 2, 2013

P90X3 coming December 10th

P90X3 coming December 10th

Good afternoon can I just say it was fun to have the family together the past weekend and have more of a relaxed schedule? I totally enjoyed our down time and with down time I might of ate a handful extra of this or that.  So even more of a reason I was thrilled to get back to a normal schedule today.  I was up even earlier then normal due to hubby headed out for the first day of deer season. 

So in the next two weeks I will be finishing up Insanity.  Can I just say I have enjoyed the workouts but even me as a beachbody coach is trilled to be starting P90X3 next!!  30 minute workouts with 16 different workouts.  Yes Please!!  Everything from cardio, strength training, pilates, & yoga a great mix.


December 10th will be the release date and you better believe I will be waiting to purchase this workout.  I know they will go fast and with the deal they are offering these puppies will go like hot cakes.  You do not want to sit and wait on this because the price will go up more than likely after December 31, 2013 ($205).  This is not a graduate program from P90X and P90X2 so no worries if you have not done either of those workouts.  There are modifications for every move done in every workout.  This is designed to meet everyone right at their fitness level and build from that.

P90X3 Sample

Muscle acceleration explained-Many P90X fans were hooked on the science of muscle confusion – which introduced variety to the workouts and prevented plateauing.  P90X3 takes a hint from that success and from studies showing the most dramatic body transformations happen within the first 30 minutes of exercise. Enter muscle acceleration, a Tony Horton-approved highly-structured schedule with an incredibly high level of intensity and an unprecedented variety of moves. The gurus behind P90X3 combined exercises and added some twists to maximize your time and keep every muscle challenged for a full 30 minutes.

So what next?
There will be an introductory price of $180 vs $205 for the Challenge Pack which includes the 90 day workout, the nutrition guide, program manual, schedule of workouts, shakeology, free 30 day trial of the club membership, free shipping and a discounted price when you get the package. Buying the challenge pack is really going to give you the best bang for your buck.  And remember in that price you are getting 30 Meals!!  Shakeology is awesome and I can say being proof of the product it's worth every penny.  Or you may choice to only get the workout which is $119.00

So are you in?
Also an amazing part of having me as your Coach is the FREE online support groups I offer to help keep you motivated and accountable.  I know for me personally being a part of a challenge group was the difference between success and failure in losing weight. 


Are you ready to workout together and show P90x3 we mean business?  Invest in your workout and I will invest time into helping you make your own before and after photo.  Ready?  Message me for more details or questions.  The challenge group will start December 30th.

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