Thursday, July 31, 2014

How to present your food so it catches someone's eye

How to present your food so it catches someone's eye

Oh this is something I would love to share with each and every one of you, food presentation on social media.  Maybe just because it’s my personally but text does not grab my attention on social media BUT pictures do and from that I want to stop and read what the person has to say.  So whether you are posting a link to your blog of a new recipe or a picture of your family grilling we want it to grab others.  Let's avoid pictures like this-

You could of showed the above picture or below?  What looks more appealing to the eye? Yes it's not the same soup but you get my drift?
Let's avoid any dirty pans on the stove with what your wanting to share with the world.
We all love our kids and for sure it's great to show others that the entire family can eat healthy but let's keep these pictures off of social media.


-Make the picture clear not fuzzy

-Take the time to plate it up showing portion control at the same time.

-Look around what is going to be in the background of your picture? do you need to move things


-type what it is either in the post or on the picture (describe your food)

-If a recipe goes with it, give it

If you are making a recipe that never looks great but you know others would benefit from it, search the web and use a picture that would best represent your recipe. This for sure is a recipe that if I tried to take a picture of it, it would not do it justice.

It brings me back to my waitressing days and every plate that went out I was always making sure that presentation was everything.  I understand for some they just never saw it or thought it was important.  BUT trust me it does matter and you want others to see that healthy eating is appealing and much better than the frozen pizza they were going to throw in the oven for the family or hit the drive thru.

Timing is equally important- post your go to healthy late night snacks (with a picture) at that very time because if your thinking about blowing it but found your go to recipe that keeps you on track share it then others will relate.

*Key is stay true to whom you are if sharing food is not your thing than find what your talents are and run with it.  I hope this helps with your future picture taking and remember “practice makes better”  I shared plenty of not so pretty pictures on social media before I learned these tips and applied them.

*You’re a coach and no matter what you will find your niche and no one can take that away from which you are.  If you don’t know your style yet keep going and digging deep into personal development to find more of yourself.



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