Tuesday, July 1, 2014

3 day Refresh

3 day refresh

Happy July 1st!!

Summer is in full swing!

3 day Refresh

If you haven’t heard, Chalene Johnson’s newest workout video, PiYO was released!  I am just over one week in to the program and am LOVING it!  It is a cross between Pilates and Yoga and is the perfect low impact yet high intensity workout for summer.  The workouts range from 18 to 48 minutes and let me tell you, they are SUPER effective!   As a result, I have opened up 5 more spots in my exclusive PiYO accountability group!  The group begins on July 7th and will run through a closed Facebook group.   Throughout the duration of the group I will post tips to keep you motivated, hold you accountable to your goals, and even provide customized meal plans that support the PiYO nutrition plan.  The best part?  The PiYO challenge pack is on promotion throughout July!  You can actually get PiYO for just $10 more than a bag of Shakeology!  Seriously!  PiYo for $10?!  You definitely can’t beat that!  The way I've used the program is by running and using PiYo as a deep stretch that my body loves!!  Its a double workout but well worth it.

Another new product that was launched last week is called the 3 Day Shakeology Refresh.  What is it?  The 3 Day Refresh is for someone who wants to drop a few pounds in a quick and healthy way, or someone who wants to get back on track to healthy eating by breaking bad habits.  It is by no means a starvation diet. In fact, It comes with a simple plan to follow and there are a ton of food options that you can choose from throughout the 3 days.  Like PiYo, the 3 Day Refresh is a promo price through July.  Again, with a 30 day supply of Shakeology, you can get the 3 Day Refresh kit for just $10!!!  Effective today, I have opened up spots for a 30 day Clean Eating and Shakeology group on July 14th.  We will all begin the group with the 3 Day Refresh, and then I will take over and share with you my clean eating tips that have worked for me! Like the other group, you will be provided with customizable meal plans, motivation, support, and accountability to reach your goals.  I will be personally starting this on Monday the 7th with my husband but would like to share the same support for you within a challenge group.
3 day Refresh

So, as you can see, it is a pretty big month!  If your interest is peaked with either of these offers, then I strongly encourage you take action this month!  The price WILL increase with both of these products in August.

accountability group

If you are already a Shakeology drinker and you are on the monthly auto ship, then this is a no brainer!  Why NOT pay an extra $10 to get a complete brand new fitness program or 3 Day Refresh Kit?   You can email me with any questions you have, as well as let me know whether or not you are interested in participating in one of my groups.

It is never too late to begin working on your health and fitness goals.  As your coach, I am here to support you and help you reach those goals. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions you may have! 
3 day Refresh

Always keep in mind that you can sign up for a preferred customer discount and save 25% on any and all future Beachbody purchases. In addition, if you are interested in learning more about what the coaching opportunity is all about, let me know and I can get you hooked up with a free 5 day sneak peak group with the #1 team in the company! There is no commitment or purchase necessary, it is just an opportunity to see if it would be a good fit for you!  Your maybe your ready to jump in with both feet and hit my next 60 day coaching 1:1-
 If you join my internship, and are committed to it everyday, you can expect to earn $200-$300 a week within 60 days!

3 day Refresh

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