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Why is success club each and every month so important?

Why is success club each and every month so important?

Are you wondering what it takes to be successful as a beachbody coach? Do you see other top coaches and wonder how the heck they got there?  I know as a new coach I did.  It truly is not something that will happen over night and for the first 6 months you will for sure hear more NO's then YES BUT to those that stick with hitting success club every month start to gain momenton.  It means your helping others with a fitness program and the healthiest meal of the day.  It means your running a challenge group every single month.  If your someone like myself and the fear of rejection is real and I knew I needed to over come others saying no or just plan not answering back.  I have a hidden tool I used to over come this the book "Go for No".  I truly keep track of NO's I hear in a month vs "sales".  With taking my focus off of hitting a certain level of success club points each month I just keep going for No.  

It's all up to you and what you want with this business your, your own CEO you determine your income, how much time you invest, what other areas of your life will be put on hold to reach your goals, when you work, and the best part who you get to mentor.  I did not hit success club my first month as a coach I had this big old transformation and put myself out there and had ONE customer in the first 30 days and made 60 bucks!!  But I had this belief that I was going to be successful and help others to do the same.  So month two I dug deep and was determinded to hit success club every single month from that point on.  If you invested 100,000 in this business and had a large loan over your head and knew the only way to measure your success was by hitting success club every month for sure that is where you focus would be as a new coach. GO FOR NO!! You will get a lot but guess what if your consistent and invest time into your challenge groups those customers will either join your team or become a walking advertizement for your business meaning it gets easier!!  

I remember my coach saying to start with the 7 day quick start guide I looked at the place where you need to start adding names of people to invite.  I was stuck!!  I thought well I have 2 sisters and two friends one that is pregnant and the other that had just started a new traditional business.......I sat and thought....who to add?  

*Note that is in person we have social media as well!!

Bank teller
Play date buddies
customers (I was a waitress before staying home with the kids)
Anyone I went to school with (dig out your yearbook)
People you work with
Family favorite clothing store cashier 
Waitress at your favorite restaurant
The garage
College friends 
Past job coworkers
extended family
hair dresser
dog groomer
Kids school teachers
Nurse at your family Dr.
Church friends
Small group friends

You get the idea you just need to think for awhile but do so with pen and paper in front of you. 

How to share your a coach with someone without scaring them?

How many of you have heard that term before?
Ask about family
Your Message

Sample- I went to the park with the kids ran into a mom that I never met before.  I might say "Your kids are so cute how old? Have you lived in the area for awhile? So your a stay at home mom now that your husbands job moved you here? Well what do you like to do for fun? (me) oh thats awesome I enjoy bike riding as well, we should for sure connect again we have so much in common.  Can I find you on Facebook? From that you will message her and connect again and at that time share your a coach BUT in the mean time she  will be looking more into learning who you are, not only did you add a contact but you formed a new relationship.

Sample (your hair dresser)- she starts to wash your hair and might make mention your hair is looking so healthy?  Insert what your doing.  (you) Thanks I joined an online challenge group and truly learned more about living life better, adding daily exercise, and added shakeology. I feel so much more energy You should totally join my next group coming up on _____date for sure working all day on your feet feeling the best you can would be benifichal.

From that ask yourself do I have something to offer this person?  Could they benefit from extra support in living a healthier life?  Or could they benefit from helping other while creating an extra income?  The other person could just be waiting for the chance to find balance again in their life its up to you to talk to everyone you come in contact with.  From that you will get better at price objections, talking about shaekology, and in doing so success club will just become second nature and you won't go to bed until the last day of the months at midnight knowing that you gave it your all.  Go back over your contact list and FOLLOW up with others you never know if now is the time.

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