Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Coach spotlight

Coach Spotlight

Can I be successful at being a beachbody coach?

This is a blog I’ve wanted to write for some time and was happy today was the day!!  So background on my family and myself last August when I decided to making being a beach body coach a business I had no idea who I would help but just knew my main focus was helping others to live a healthier life.  Truly I wanted to impact those closed to me and of course that stated with my sisters.  My sister Bethany had an amazing transformation and continued to keep 50 plus lbs. off over the past year.  My oldest sister Jeanette however did not jump on board right away she is that person that over commits and has her hands into just about everything, last year was the first year she homeschooled her daughter and the timing was not right.  But out of the blue in September she called me and said I ordered!!  I found funny because we had never even talked about a fitness program she just went on and found one she knew she would like, of course she picked the same one I started with (ChaLean Extreme).

Can I be successful at being a beachbody coach?

So of course between drinking shakeology, clean eating, challenge group, and a great workout she had amazing results!!  At the time she was working at a local horse farm making some extra family income due to a job change (husband) that left things tight, driving late at night in the middle of the winter, and taking away from family time, she knew that the strain it created on the family could not work forever.  Of course I offered beach body to her as a business probably 10 times and each time she said no. 

After the first of the year and things changing at the barn, she had to make a choice and that job was no longer a good fit.  After much thought and praying on her end she said I’m ready to coach! You could say the last 5 months is history pretty much she jumped in with two feet and continues to pay it forward helping others to get healthy.

So when she message me last week and was so thankful for this opportunity, she was able to look at what she made in a two week time frame and have a good portion of her property taxes due in August I was equally excited for her family.  The crazy thing is she is just getting started and the more people’s lives that will be change the income changes as well.

So yes beachbody helps with health and fitness but also there is this entire business side that most don’t even know is out there.  I could not be happier with this choice and the time I spend on seeing the best in others and building confidence when they don’t even sees it.   I jump out of bed every morning and can’t wait see how the day unfolds, I know most can’t get past the part of just getting by each day another day another dollar.   There is not a right or wrong reason to becoming a coach and what your driving force is everyday but the main focus of a successful coach is wanting to help others.

Are you the type of person that just feels stuck in life?  Did you always know you were created to do something great with your life? But you’re still looking for that?  Would just say an extra 100 to 300 bucks a week make it so you would not have to get a part time job?  Would you like to get healthy and help those that you love around you?  Are you looking to leave your fulltime job and have a say in how your time is spent?
Can I be successful at being a beachbody coach?
The month of August my main focus is helping new coaches to get started right and creating great training to do so.  If you ever considered coaching now is the perfect time to jump in, you never know it could possibly change your life.  Where do you want to be a year from now?
I will be picking 5 new coaches to mentor to be considered just fill out this application
Life is so short to sit on the sideline and wonder what if?
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