Monday, August 25, 2014

Exercising and being pregnant

Exercising and being pregnant

Wow I realized it’s been a long time since I did a weekly progress blog on my fitness journey.  After finding out I was pregnant like most do eating was not something I looked forward to but thank goodness we are past the first trimester last week I was sick a few days with allergies however the thought of meal planning and being pregnant is now going to work.  I have the best husband because for the last 8 weeks he knew that more than likely was not going to be dinner and the thought of going grocery shopping made my stomach turn.  So that meant he took over cooking so lots of dinners on the grill and when it was done if I felt like eating I did.


I found it interesting over the weekend someone asked me if I was still working out since I was pregnant.  Heck yeah!!  Now don’t get me wrong some mornings I can’t go from my bed to exercising so instead I would work at the computer for 20 minutes or so and then press play and that worked well on the mornings I needed to do so.  First trimester I did the NEW Chalene Johnson PiYo workout which involves no weight, low impact, and great flexibility.  Right now I jumped back into 3 weeks of the 21 day fix and from that I’m not 100% sure on what program I will do next.  For sure the workout CORE from PiYo I will continue to do once a week for the entire pregnancy only because as the baby grows a lot of the moves are not done on the floor and still work the core for 30 minutes which will be perfect for pregnancy #3, I tend to have big babies and 3rd C-section.

How do I handle cravings if they are not clean foods?

Yes I’m a beachbody coach and yes I help others reach their fitness goals however I’m pregnant in the sense that if I have a craving and it last for more than a few hours I’m going to eat it.  Not too many cravings yet how ever for the first few weeks Subway sounded good so I ate it.  Every Sunday I have a donut at my in laws house and have not guilt in eating it.  Everything in moderation pregnant or not yes I love eating clean but I will venture if needed here and there.  Also I can tell in the last 10 days since entering the second trimester I wake up and need a little something in my stomach before working out so a big 8oz. glass of water and half a banana or half an apple does the trick after sleeping. 

Drinking shakeology?

Yes!!  To be honest I felt so crappy for a few days and did not eat much and skipped my shakeology at the end of four days my hands hurt so badly and the inflammation was back.  Also with the other 3 pregnancies I had a bad headache almost everyday for the first 20 weeks.  I have not had headaches at all during this pregnancy but for those four days I could feel the headache coming on.  So of course I had to figure out a way to still get the nutrition my body was lacking and for about a week I enjoyed shakeology balls and felt better right away.  I don't drink it as a meal most days and if I do I make sure to up what I put in it so I'm getting enough calories.  Since I'm drinking shakeology to take a prenatal vitamin would be an over kill.  So instead just taking extra folic acid everyday so the baby is getting everything he or she needs.  The concern with drinking shakeology and being pregnant is the amount of vitamin A is higher than a prenatal vitamin.  But weighing the options of how much better my body functions while drinking it every day this is a great fit before and continues to be a good fit.

How does this relate to you pregnant or not?

The bigger picture it’s not about the number on the scale.  It’s about creating a healthy lifestyle that can be done every day. I like to say following the 80/20 rule when it comes to eating clean, daily exercise, watching your words around little eyes.  If you’re always going “on a diet” or make comments in front of your kids about your body they will pick up on it. 
Set out one day a week whatever works with your lifestyle and meal plan, grocery shop, and prep for the next 7 days.  Find recipes that you can prepare ahead of time that you can either pop in the over or in the crockpot for the family that is healthy and quick.

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