Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What does it take?

What does it take?

What does it take to be successful?  I’ve been asked this a lot lately and thought way not sit down and share it with everyone. 
I'm looking for busy women who are ready to DO something different.
Entrepreneurialism is an eighteen letter word-ALL humans are entrepreneurs not because they should start companies but because the will to create is encoded in human DNA- Reid Hoffman, cofounder of LinkedIn

beachbody coaching

So I truly believe this but trust me starting your own business is not for everyone.  If you’re not willing to invest time to grow your business past 3 months it will not work and also if you’re not willing to sacrifice time say TV time or a little sleep it will never pay past “hobby money”.

What does it does not take to be successful as a beachbody coach

-no need to be at your goal weight

-no need to have a large network of friends

-no need to have any business experience

-no need to be a personal trainer or have a degree in nutrition- if so that’s just icing on the cake

-no need to “know all the answers”

What does it truly come down to then?

1.       Putting every customer first by running monthly challenge groups insuring from an online support group they are getting past just purchasing the program.

2.       Must be whiling to work on yourself from the inside and outside while helping others lives a better life.

3.       Must truly believe “why not you”

4.       Must be good at seeing where you want to be a year from now.

I remember starting out I thought to myself oh that coach is going to be more successful because she has a 6 pack. FALSE!! I also saw another coach hit the ground running and thought man that person is going to grow quick and be successful fast.  WRONG!!  In this business it matters to the ones that stay consistent .  I’m not any different then you are there is not a perfect cookie cutter mold that makes a great coach.  All types of personalities succeeded in this business I’m an introvert and this business is perfect for me.

 I am looking for people like me.. You might be stuck in life... physically, socially, financially.... I know I was.

So what’s your story?  Have you always wanted more freedom with your time and dreamed of being your own CEO?  But the cost of starting up a traditional business was too big?

Are you a natural leader that would enjoy having a say in how you spend your 24 hours?  Are you someone that does not wait for the green light you just go after things in life? 

That is who I’m looking to mentor starting September 1st with a 21 day quick start in teaching you the basics of getting your business off the ground in the right way.  I’ve created a system that is easy to duplicate you don’t need to know all the answers you just have to be whiling to get started.  Over the next week I will be going over applications and talking with those that have interest in getting started and from that picking 10 new coaches to learn the ropes.  This is just the first part of 3 serious as you grow your business.


 Beachbody Coaching has provided so much opportunity for my little family.  With the freedom to use every dollar over the last year we were able to take a 15 year rental property mortgage and just about pay it off after only having it for 24 months total.  Talk about life changing and that is just what this business has been able to offer in the first 12 months.

You can be someone who wants to build a 6+ figure business OR you can be someone who wants to make an extra $500 a month to contribute to bills, debt, tithe, vacation, updated living room furniture.... WHATEVER!

 I am 100% confident that I can teach you how to build your OWN little #girlboss company... I can teach you how to build something that can change your lives direction in away that you only ever dreamed of.

 You will be held accountable & given the support you need to live a healthier, a happier, and a more fulfilling life!

 So... if you are ready to get this ball rolling & want to be considered for one of my TEN spots for this training... apply here by Monday the 25th.
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