Monday, August 11, 2014

Big News

Baby #3

I’m so excited to finally share this news with everyone, I tend to live my life now as an open book and let others know who I am.  In doing so I did keep this under wraps due to having a miscarriage the first time I was ever pregnant it was the hardest thing I ever went thru 4 years ago on my birthday as we were prepared to tell everyone as the first trimester was coming to an end but God had another plan.  It was not easy and for sure from that I’m able to truly say I know how hard this can be when others go thru the same pain.

But this blog is not about pain it’s about celebrating this little bundle of joy that is growing inside of me .  We both always pictured a house full of fun and kids so with that we thought about timing and thought 3 or 4?

Will we have another?
If we would not of gotten pregnant right away with the third we may of considered a fourth BUT 3 kids 3 and under lets just say momma is good!!  We will be busy but this makes the choice to stop at three.

For sure!!  I know I'm odd in the sense that I loved having a C-section and both the other kids where delivered by C-section, thankful we have a great Dr.  Actually I felt better quicker the second time around and healed faster. 


Due date?
Since we are having a C-section it looks like Feb 20th will be baby time!!

What does Clint think?
I explained that we are having another baby, when he asked where it is? I explained it was growing in my belly....he let me know he has a baby growing in his belly.  You can emagine how the conversation went from there.

Food cravings?
Like with the other pregnancies I did not throw up at all but most days just felt blah.  My wonderful husband knows the first trimester I don't feel like grocery shopping most things don't look good.  He is on his own for cooking dinner for the kids and himself, once it's made if it looks good I will eat some.  Lots of dinners on the grill!!  So when I am hungry nothing to odd but I did want a Vito's hoagie a few weeks back, also Subway, I'm not much of a chip person, and for sure ate some here and there.  Best husband ever!!

Am I drinking shakeology?
Yes!!  To be honest I felt so crappy for a few days and did not eat much and skipped my shakeology at the end of four days my hands hurt so bad and the inflammation was back.  Also with the other 3 pregnancies I had a bad headache almost everyday for the first 20 weeks.  I have not had headaches at all during this pregnancy but for those four days I could feel the headache coming on.  So of course I had to figure out a way to still get the nutrition my body was lacking and for about a week I enjoyed shakeology balls and felt better right away.  I don't drink it as a meal most days and if I do I make sure to up what I put in it so I'm getting enough calories.  Since I'm drinking shakeology to take a prenatal vitamin would be an over kill.  So instead just taking extra folic acid everyday so the baby is getting everything he or she needs.  The concern with drinking shakeology and being pregnant is the amount of vitamin A is higher then a prenatal vitamin.  But weighing the options of how much better my body functions while drinking it everyday this is a great fit before and continues to be a good fit. 

Will we have enough room in our 2 bedroom home?
Heck yeh!!  I'm not typical in the sense that I don't over buy and only have what the baby needs, so the house will not be over taken by 10 new baby items.  We keep it simple so to add one more we have lots of room.  Currently Clint shares a room with Josie and the crib is still up in that room.  But when the baby comes home for the first 10 week or so just like we did with the others kids they will sleep downstairs since I will be breastfeeding.  So making more living space and putting my office in the basement has all been a work in progress to make like easier and also to make more living space.

Am I worried about gaining weight?
No not at all, both kids were 10 lbs!!  So yes while pregnant I will gain between 35 and 40 lbs.  I'm totally ok with keeping up with a good balance of working out and eating right.  If I want something extra I'm going to eat it.  Everything in balance! clean eating might look more like 70-30, 30% not being the best but still keeping nutrition in check for the most part.  Plus once I'm healed and ready to start I know what works great to get the pre momma look back.  I will finish up Piyo this week and think I will due the 21 day fix workouts again for three weeks.  Also I still enjoy mornings jogging if it works with my husbands schedule, these are all things I did before being pregnant no need to stop, modify as the baby grows,  I will keep you posted on what I do after that. 

Over all how is this pregnancy?
So far this has been the most laid back pregnancy with Clint I worked on my feet until 38 weeks with long hours while my husband and I started our first traditional business it was not an easy pregnancy to say the least.  While pregnant with Josie all the worries of having two instead of just one left for a lot of things in the air.  This pregnancy working from home as a beachbody coach and doing the paperwork for our traditional business has left me feeling the perfect balance.  Most afternoons I need a 15 minute power nap and I get to!!  I really am not worried about anything, so many things to be thankful for, and really looking forward to the second trimester.

Baby names?
I will have to leave this up to my husband he named Josie and Clint and did a great job.  He did make mention that he will need to watch a few old western movies for inspiration.  I will keep you posted!!

I can't wait to continue to share this journey with others, we are already thinking about how fun the holidays will be this year!!  I might feel as big as the Christmas tree BUT it will all be worth it!!

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