Sunday, February 9, 2014

21 day fix shopping list week 1

21 day fix shopping list week 1

Wow good morning I just finally finished my meal plan for week one of the 21 day fix!!  It took me longer then normal but I know it was time well spent how many times do we set out to have a good week?  Right this is the last weekend of eating cookies and chips?  But then around Wednesday work gets in the way the kids are climbing the walls and you reach for another cookie?  Right I know I was the same way, then I joined an online challenge group and found the support I needed to push past those times in life.  Plus having a plan is KEY!!  So from this meal plan I will create a shopping list and head to the store.  I find I'm able to save money this way, unwanted calories and always able to live a healthier lifestyle.

Grocery list for 2-10-2014
Frozen blueberries
almond butter
2 dozen eggs
sweet potatoes
bulk boneless skinless chicken
2 heads of broccoli
pumpkin seeds
feta cheese
frozen black bean
ground turkey
raw almonds
wild rice
21 day mixed veggie stir fry
olive oil
bell peppers
Asian Citrus Vinaigrette
orange juice 100%
rice vinegar
soy sauce
fresh ginger
high protein bars
old fashion oats
chopped raw peanuts
unsweetened almond milk

Also if you would like to check out week two and a shopping list.

If you would like more support and motivation while getting in shape I would love to talk more in detail on setting you up in a closed online facebook group. Fill out the application and we can talk to see if it might be a good fit for you 

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  1. Do you have a week 3 menu and I am curious...did you post before/after pics?

  2. I do not have a blog post published with my week 3 meal plan. Here are a few links to check out results from challengers within my online challenge group I run. also my results half way in the program Let me know if you have any other questions I will be starting another group in 2 weeks just for the 21 day fix

  3. Can we use canned black beans instead of frozen?