Saturday, February 8, 2014

21 day fix snack ideas

21 day fix snack ideas

So the new beachbody program has been released and I so excited to be starting this new program along side my with my challengers in what I call challenge group.  So to insure we all get started on the right foot hear are some great snack ideas as we move forward and to get the gears in your mind turning on different ways to pair your foods together.

teaspoon-almond butter

orange- pumpkin seeds

purple- raspberries
red- plain Greek yogurt

blue- hummus
green-string beans

21 day fix snack ideas

red- 2 hard boiled eggs

yellow-sweet potato

blue-cheddar cheese
yellow- whole wheat crackers (8)

yellow- potato 1/2 of a medium
blue- cheddar cheese

green-winter squash
yellow-cooked quinoa

blue- 12 raw almonds
purple- peach

purple- pineapple
red-cottage cheese

red-canned tuna
yellow-wild rice

blue-coconut canned milk
red- turkey bacon 4 slices

red- ricotta

blue- avocado
21 day fix snack ideas

orange- 21 day dressings
green- kale
yellow- Edamame beans

Now it's your turn be creative and start pairing together snack so that your able to keep fueling your body as the day goes on.  Treat it like a fire eating smaller portions every 2-3 hours as the day goes on and drinking half your body weight in oz.  For me I grab a large glass of water before each small meal so I know at the end of the day I for sure drank enough water to keep on going.  Water to your body is like oil to a car is you can go for awhile but things don't work as well and sooner or later it catches up with you and your body will not be happy that you did not add "oil" to your body.  Drink up while you eat every 2-3 hours a day.

If you would like more support and motivation while getting in shape I would love to talk more in detail on setting you up in a closed online facebook group.  Here is a application, after filling this out from that I will be able to help you out where your at

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