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staying on track while eating out

Staying on track while eating out

So for most of us eating clean is not hard to do and we can control what we eat when we are making it.  But what happens when you head out to a restaurant?  How to stay on track I hope these helpful hints help you to stay on track while out.  In study after study, eating frequently in restaurants correlates to higher body fat.  In 1955, Americans spent 19% of their food budget on meals prepared outside of the home.  Today that number has more than doubled to 41%!!  That's big!  With that number going up and the number of overweight has more than doubled with it, obesity has more then tripled.  According to the U.S. department of Agriculture, $222 billion is spent every year at in restaurants and $118 billion of that is on fast food restaurants!  That's a lot of grease and garbage if you are not careful to stay on track.  The biggest problem is the amount of high calories that is packed into the increasing portions you our served while dinning out.  Most restaurant meals contain at least 1,000 calories with out dessert.  If you include and appetizer that could add another 1,000 calories on.  Trust me I know this is so true after working in restaurants for the past 12 years it caught up with me and need address right away! 
staying on track while eating out

One slice of cheesecake contains more then 700 calories and an order of cheese sticks without dipping sauce contains more than 800 calories.  A typical steak house prime rib or porter house steak could have anywhere from 1,200 calories to 1,500 calories alone.  So what if you add a glass of wine and an appetizer to that!!  Wow!! Can I say unwanted calories.

I know for myself when I started to eat clean and did so after the first few months I would save my cheat meal for a dinner out with my husband.  But even then I would leave and feel like crap.  So it's to the point now where it's really not a treat to eat out.  If I'm watching what I'm taking in why would I give myself crap as a reward for staying on track all week.  These are some of the basic guide lines I use to stay on track while eating healthy.
staying on track while eating out

 So how to stay on track-
  • Start your meal with a tossed salad not an appitizers
  • Avoid any deep-fried foods
  • Ask the waitress to leave the bread in the kitchen
  • Ask your server if you're not sure how something is prepared, especially sauces ,oil, butter, and any other hidden calories
  • Look up menu's online before heading out for dinner
  • If you don't know how many calories are in a dish don't eat it
  • Choose grilled chicken, fish, or lean protein
  • Order steamed vegetable as a side (ask to have them plan)
  • be extra nice to your waitress to help you order to stay on track
  • Ask for fresh fruit as dessert
  • Avoid anything smothered
  • Don't clean your plate when you receive your dinner ask for a to go box and place half in the box so you don't have a chance of over eating
  • Avoid buffets
  • Eat only until 80% full it's just like at home
  • Order dry baked potato, sweet potato, or brown rice
  • Lots of water!!!
  • By asking for water alone you while eating out you will save yourself
  • Take a walk after dinner
staying on track while eating out

For most of us weekends are the time to let your guard down with staying on track.  Eating out does not mean going all out keep your portions in check, ask when you don't know, and enjoy your company rather then what you can shove in your mouth.  Keep your guard up even when the weekend comes!!

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