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How to survive the holiday session

How to  survive the holiday session

So here we are one holiday down (Halloween) and 3 more to go. How will you not fall into the normal crowd?  Being healthy and eating right for sure means your not going with the crowd.  Everyone else around you is munching on chips, eating pie, lots of beer, baked goods, turkey, ham, the list goes on and on. We all love the sounds, smells and sights of the holiday, the aroma of the turkey and stuffing in the oven, and the smell of a fresh baked pumpkin pie out of the oven.

How to  survive the holiday session

 I'm not saying to not enjoy the holidays with a small amount of turkey and stuffing.  But lets be real Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are three days not 40 days long of forgetting about taking care of your body.  Are you going to join the crowd this holiday or look amazing in a cute black dress for New Years eve?  So for me I really stick by the one cheat meal a week rule and it works amazing it's not the entire day it's one meal.  When you have a cheat meal you should not look like this guy in the picture either.  It's not an all out binge.  If you have a hard time only having a little bit of ice cream I would not use that as a cheat meal if it leaves you wanting more.  And when you do have a cheat meal enjoy it with out any guilt attached.

How to  survive the holiday session

Give thanks on Thanksgiving and Christmas for the wonderful family and friends you have, give thanks to the nourishing meal put before you and as you are eating it, take your time to enjoy it with your family, have gratitude. Don't give into the need to out shop someone else. Those are the reasons we get stressed out and overeat.  Sure, it’s okay to have a few treats and cheers; even I will be having a few cheats and glasses of wine, it is the holidays after all.  But using the excuse that it’s the holidays and having a “this is just the way it is attitude” may definitely land you in a larger size!
How to  survive the holiday session

Be prepared-  Yep, that simple.  Wherever you are going; make sure you have a cooler packed with snacks or simple meals and water. If you are going some where and are unaware of what is going to be served pre-eat.
Exercise- Yep, that simple.  Don’t let your workouts fall by the wayside because you’re “too busy,” schedule it in if need be, like you would an appointment.  Exercise will be vitally important during the holidays because of the extra stress people put on themselves anyway. We all have the same 24 hours – make time for you, even if it is just 25 minutes! T25 is awesome workout for this time of the year.
Stay hydrated  Water, water, water; fruits & vegetables.  Nothing more to say.
Don’t ‘starve’-your body because you know you’ll be eating extra calories at that party you’re going to.  I can’t stress this enough – eat your meals/snacks just as you would any other day; which will actually help you not go overboard.
Eat your 5-6 small meals everyday- make sure you get plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats, fiber and whole grains.  You’ll need the energy! For me shakeology is going to be a life saver this holiday session.
Plan ahead-  Back to that party your going to…have a plan in your mind how many desserts or drinks, for example, you’re going to allow yourself; then stick to it!  We are grown ups, you can make your own decision of what you want to put into your body, no one ‘makes you’ do it.  Stand firm (there are sabotages out there) and don’t give in to ‘pure pressure’. Just because grandma's pie is right their just step away from it.  Stand out in the crowd!!
Don’t hover by the food tables- Seriously, standing by the foods will make you want to eat it, even if you’re not hungry.  Go mingle talk to someone that you normally would not have time to talk to because you where at the "turf" I mean table full of foods.
Bring a healthy dish- If you’re bringing a dish bring something healthy that you can eat.  We all know that many pot- luck style parties are usually not the best food choices.  You can control some of that by sharing a healthy something.
Munch on the fruit and veggie trays (watch the dips!) before dinner and then look for the leanest cuts of meat, baked potato; hold the gravies/sauces.
Have one drink-If you’re going to drink try not to indulge in the fruity, sugary, high calorie ‘festive’ looking drinks.  And if you have more then one do not drink and drive!
Don’t bake a ton of ‘goodies’-if you can’t control yourself from eating many before they leave the house!  Equally, don’t participate in the cookie exchange unless you want them lingering well after the holidays. Search the internet for a healthier version of your favorite holiday cookie.
Don’t overbook yourself- My goodness, let’s go back to the true meaning of the holidays; yes it’s a time of joy but it’s not meant to put added stress on your life or your wallet for that matter.
Go outside and be active- kids off school, good family sledding, ice skating, skiing time.  Even this girl who does not appreciate winter will be outside making snow men with the kids.
Set goals- If you are a person with a goal of losing weight, find someone else that is also losing weight as the holiday session moves forward. 
Get sleep!  Enough said.
I hope this helps you and gives you a way to stay on track even if "no one else" is doing it.  Just think of how you will feel when everyone else wants to loss weight come January 1st and you already have a great success story and are able to stay on track.   Make what ever your doing a lifestyle not something you start and stop.  It's not a sprint to the finish line rather as simple as it sounds a lifestyle.  Food is our bodies nutrition,  food has meaning and purpose just as the holidays do.  Be thankful for your body and treat it with respect and also have fun creating holiday memories.
How to  survive the holiday session

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