Sunday, November 3, 2013

Chalene Extreme Transformation

Bethany's Transformation

So when I saw these before and after photos of my sister so many things went through my head.  First and for most what if?  What if I just went on with my life fat and unhappy waiting for things to take place?  The fact that I decided to make a change is now having a ripple effect on everyone around me.  It did not happen overnight trust me the first time I asked my sister if she wanted to join my challenge group she said no.  How did I respond I thought she is just not ready but I knew that with be consistent in my own weight loss journey she would come around?  A week later she called me up and said I'm ready!!  I was thrilled because all the days I did not feel like working out or eating healthy I did it and pushed myself hoping to help my sisters (they both are doing just that).  So Bethany started with Brazil Butt lift and training for our first 5k!!  Every day she took in the information in the challenge group and applied it. 

September 29th was D day meaning time to run our 5k!!  It was so much fun it was also on my bucket list of things to do.  After Brazil Butt lift came Chalean Extreme and she is in the push phase right now.  Just yesterday she needed to buy heavier weights because she is getting stronger.  One of the things I really focus on in my challenge groups is not only changing the outer looks and losing weight but changing the internal conversation you have with yourself.  I really want everyone to have a transformation from the inside out.  And from that to be able to make this a life style not something you start and stop.  I'm always looking for new recipes new foods and helping tips for my challenge groups.  It goes beyond "selling something".  Not one day have I felt I'm out selling things because this process sells itself? 

Chalene Extreme Transformation

Yesterday we got together at my parents farm for family time and my sister suggested we try to run the mountain that sits behind my parents’ house.  It was something she did in high school when she played soccer.  So my mom watched the kids and we set off to run the mountain.  After about 1 third of the hill we bother hit a wall and had to stop and walk for a few minutes.  We laughed and had a good time we also ran the top of the ridge as well.  After we finished we set our next goal for the next time we run the mountain. 

Chalene Extreme Transformation

If you would have asked me last year at this time what I would be doing I for sure would not of said running a 5k or running up a mountain side.  I took it day by day I started May 5th and told my coach I could not wait to see where Beachbody took me in the next year.  I'm six months in and just keep setting goals for our family and moving forward.

Chalene Extreme Transformation

Trust me I was right where you are today I sat at my house fat and needing change.  I know how it feels to not have anything that fits and to feel ugly. I had zero energy to keep up with my kids.  I joined a challenge group and learned about clean eating; the benefits of drinking shakeology daily, making exercise part of my day, and helping others do the same.  Next challenge group start on November 18th and we will get preseason underway on the 11th.  Beachbody has some amazing deals to offer this month and I would love to help you along the way.

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