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How to stay on track for a holiday weekend

How to stay on track for a holiday weekend

how to stay on track for a holiday weekend

Wow as I sit here and write this a few things come to mind first that were the longest winter and spring ever and I always feel this week Memorial Day weekend means many things.  First summer is here!!  This is the time of the year to light the grill, go camping, invite friends over, kick back, have time off of work, go boating, basically anything that involves being outside.  Another thing happens we realize either those choices we made all winter and spring are now paying off as we were less clothes or we are wishing we started sooner.  Regardless of where you’re at, it’s your fitness journey and remembers you’re the one that controls it.  So let’s back up to 2013 Memorial Day weekend I for sure was not wanting to wear shorts or a tank top I had just joined an online challenge group May 5th and was on week 3 I was losing weight feeling good but had a ways to go. I remember standing in my kitchen with a half-gallon of ice eating from the container (because I was only going to have a bit) and found myself eating way more than a bit.  In that moment I made a choice was I going to let food rule the way I live my life or was I going to take control back.  Everyone has that food that more than likely brings back happy memories but it’s not the food that we crave it’s that feeling we had that connects the two together.   From that day on I pretty much went all summer long without having ice cream because I knew I would want more.  Now I will have it here and there but it does not have that power over me.  I truly believe food can control you way more then you believe I read the book made to crave this last January and so many light bulbs went off I strong suggest it if your someone that struggles with balance.
how to stay on track for a holiday weekend


So with that being said balance is everything and I totally agree with letting loose and enjoying the down time but I would keep in mind the 80/20 rule.  Meaning 80% of Memorial Day you’re on track you get your workout in and you take your water bottle everywhere.  And 20% of the day you might enjoy a glass of wine or steak on the grill.  If you struggle with a certain food I would not even venture out to eat that on a holiday because you will end up with it taking up more than 20% of your day.  And with that down time instead of focusing on standing around the “food table” at whatever gathering you attend more importantly you focus on the people in your life and take a moment to enjoy their company.
how to stay on track for a holiday weekend

So let’s break that down into 7 points

 Healthy food options on hand

– keep easy to grab portable snacks on hand so you always have something to pull out of the fridge when you walk in the door. Good options include: raw veggies and hummus, nuts, fresh fruit, and peanut butter and an apple.  Offer to bring the side dish to the gathering your will be attending. 

 Veggies & Lean Proteins

– these will fill you up on fewer calories and will keep your blood sugar steady so you don’t have a mood & energy crash later.  Head to your local meat shop and buy a great cut of meat that is mean for the grill.

 Drink lots of water like it’s your job

– Even slight dehydration can make us feel tired and cranky, along with giving you a headache, and making you feel hungry. Many people eat when they are actually thirsty.   I always say aim to drink half your body weight in oz.  And if you’re planning on using the 80 20 rule extra water to flush your system.

 Sugar plan ahead

– sugar is everywhere these days…  you might think that “healthy” quick snack you found at your grocery store is good for you turn it around and read the label how much sugar is in that.  Just this past week I told the kids they could pick something extra out at the store and I was happy to find they wanted raspberries and ginger snap cookies, everything in moderation.

how to stay on track for a holiday weekend


 Plan ahead

– make a list and check it twice. Planning ahead sets you up for success, reduces stress, and makes sure you’re not scrambling at the last minute. List out the parties you will attend and what healthy options you will be bringing along and sharing.

 Remember your company

 – For me, the holidays are about connecting with family, friends, and loved ones. When I keep that in mind, it is easier to let go of stress, stress brings on added unwanted calories.  Ask your husband to help around the house so that everyone can enjoy the down time together.

 Remember this is a journey

-It’s your story and you hold the pen to write what the outcome is, you cannot control other around you but you can choose your reaction.  So remember why you started and why you’re doing this and stay focused on the bigger picture holidays come and go but progress is always moving forward or backwards never staying in one spot.
Happy Memorial Day!!

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