Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekly update

Weekly update

What a week!!  I really tend to have good ideas at the time but some are better then others.  The choice to take out our kitchen flooring 2 months ago without a plan was not the smartest idea.  Finding a contractor to come and do the project was half the battle. But once we really started to look around a few other things were added to the list.  The first day of having the house under construction left us needing a place for lunch I failed to plan ahead so we headed out for lunch.  not wanting to make that a habit we enjoyed the living room floor for the next few days. 

It's hard to believe all that I've called this house "home" for the past 11 years.  I remember it like yesterday looking at houses with my mom and dad at the age of 19 and my dad saying this will be a great starter home.  Boy was he right!!  We are squeezing every last inch out of the house and now just waiting for the next steps in our lives and where we will end up.  God has a perfect place and all the details will workout according to his plan.  So in the mean time I'm practicing patience and also the house is in tip top shape!!

What was helpful this week?  Making a batch of plan vegetables and putting the proper portion in baggies so it's easy to pull from the fridge.

So what workout is next???  Less Mills pump I've wanted to do this workout for awhile and with spring time right around the corner if it works out on the off days of pump I will run outside if not I will do my turdo fire cardio inside.  It's been a long winter so being able to mix it up for sure is in place.  Pump is designed with repetition in place and in the program the bar is included with the workouts.  Yippy!!

Less Mills pump

I honestly feel so excited when anything comes to my front door from beachbody.  This is going to be a good workout honestly just taking the box to the basement was a workout with all the goodies that comes with this program.  It was an easy pick because of the amazing deal beachbody is offering for the month of March on this program.  Ekkkk if you want to join me in this workout it's always more fun to do it with someone then by yourself, especially when your doing the same program.

less mill pump

And of course having a plan with what your eating is soooo important now don't get me wrong I'm human and sometime I get a little of the plan but so many times this has saved be with having the food purchased prepped and ready to eat vs not having a plan and just grabbing on the go.  Plus you will see a lot of time I will eat the same foods for a few days, that way I'm able to save money vs buying a bunch of different foods and not using everything I buy.

less mill pump

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