Monday, March 24, 2014

21 day fix results

21 day fix results

This is WHY I became a beachbody coach truly was to make a difference and seeing transformations like this makes it all worth it!!  Sarah is a sweetheart after sitting down with her yesterday afternoon and talking with her about her "WHY" it's very clear that she loves her family.  This girl is a full time teach drives a distance to work everyday and came to me wanting to make a change in her eating.  But the cool thing about Sarah she wanted to better herself and help others do the same.  She jumped in with both feet doing both and I'm so proud to have her on my team.

21 day fix results

This is what she posted on her facebook wall with her 21 day results "For the first time in my life, I found something that I can stick with...forever. Clean eating has proven to be a lot easier, and tastier, than I imagined...the workouts are only 30 minutes ( as opposed to the hour or more I used to spend at the gym )...Shakeology has helped keep me balanced ( in more ways than one..haha )...and the people I have met in the process are truly becoming great friends.

The best compliment I've received came from my mother yesterday. She said that she has been waiting for me to be this happy in a long have I. Beachbody has given me my life back."

21 day fix results

This is a normal person just like you that made a choice not to stay on the same path she was on.  She is thrilled to be going another round!!  She lost a total of 13 lbs. and 8 inches so far. A habit has been formed and she is on fire.  It take 21 days of changing your ways a started a new lifestyle.  Are you ready to start a NEW habit?  Online challenge groups rock and I look forward to helping you meet your own fitness goals. 

21 day womans results

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