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The scale does not define progress

The scale does not define you

I really wanted to write this blog because I know how many struggle with the scale and believing they will be happy with themselves when they hit the magical number on the scale.  Have you ever been told by a weight loss expert to throw away your scale?  If you did weight watchers you were defined by the scale each week!  Every week you weighed in and it honestly didn't matter what you ate the week before as long as you lost weight.  So you could eat processed TV dinners and Diet Coke as long as you stayed within your points range and lost weight.  That's great for some but it's not creating a healthy lifestyle.

The scale does not define progress

For most the number is a number they were when they were in their early 20's,pre kids, or what they believe models on TV weight. The problem is your weight on the scale can literally change up to 4 lbs. on any given day. Due to water weight, muscles swelling, certain times of the month, even the way the scale sits on the ground and not being completely level. So we all know the truth is when you step on that scale and the number has not changed or went up. You throw your hands up in the air, you might skip that workouts that day, add an extra 500 calories to your diet all because the magical number did not show up on the scale.  So before you go off and down an extra 700 calories because the scale did not give a magical number ask yourself these questions:
Did I overeat this week on any given day- Y or N
Did I move and make EACH workout stellar- Y or N
Did I feel lighter then I did 7 days ago when I stepped on the scale- Y or N  
Did I eat in secret or out of anger or frustration- Y or N
Did I feel at any time in the last 7 days I ran to food for comfort- Y or N
So why or why do we get stuck on the number on the scale. Be real and don't let the number on the scale set you up for feeling defeated. Follow these few questions and stick to yes's and over a period of time YOU will see results!!
The scale does not define progress

  I like to compare it to money, yes I know that sounds odd but hear me out. So your working a job and you just feel in your heart if only I made x amount of money then I would be happy. It's the same way with getting healthy most believe when that magical number appears on the scale they will be happy. I challenge you to love yourself right where your at. Because if not when you do reach that number its not going to be enough you will want to loss just 2 more lbs. It's the same way with income and how much money you make I challenge you to always be working on bettering yourself with health and exercise being consistent.

The scale does not define progress

So how often to weight yourself? ONCE a week the same time every week!!  But beyond the number on the scale judge how your clothes are fitting.  The number on the scale is just a number and YEs is important to have weight loss goals but anyone that has been in one of my online challenge groups know that we set other goals other then the number on the scale, maybe to be able to wear a dress that has not fit in a few years, or buying a cute summer top and working towards having nice defined arm muscles.  Set small manageable goals and build from that.   I've been were your at and it's so important to measure progress in other ways like taking pictures.  Everyone has a day one and it is always eye opening but so worth taking.

The scale does not define progress

How to photograph your before pictures.

Also how I strongly suggest taking measurements

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