Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cize Test Group

Cize Test Group

Hey There!!  Welcome to my blog where you will find clean eating recipes, motivation, and ways to better your health.  A little bit about myself before we jump into talking about Cize.  I'm a country girl by heart, I live life with a free sprite and run the other way when to much structure is given.  I married my husband 8 years ago we currently have 3 children age 3 and under!!  I've always been driven in life by doing things most see with little opportunity.  In our 20's my husband and I owned a grease collection business and had over 600 locations in the state of Pa to pick up a waste product and turn it into fuel.  We sold the business to a company out of the DC area a little over 2 years ago and continue to be entrepreneurs. 

I came into beachbody 2 years ago just really wanting to lose the baby weight.  I felt defeated and was failing at losing it and my confidence was low.  I wanted to pay it forward and show other woman they too could do this.  So when I look at this picture of these lovely ladies in the first week of the test group working out and sweating for a bigger cause its a pretty cool feeling!  As busy woman I TRULY believe in craving out that daily time to invest mentally and physically into our health.  I swear sweating does a mind good at the same time. 

Let's talk meal plan when it comes to Cize, it uses the same system as the 21 day fix as far as the containers go. This just makes life simple!!  Oh and tasty while getting healthy and losing weight.  Here is an example of what I share within my accountability groups.
cize test group

I have a few favorite recipes when it comes to this system of meal planning.
Chicken Caprese
Flank Steak
Beef Stew

In our household my husband would not be thrilled to eat chicken salads every night for dinner so these are just a few ideas on how to keep the family happy while creating a meal plan and not having to cook two dinners.

cize test group

Before I show you a clip of what the Cize workouts look like I had to share where I spend a good chunk of the day.  Being outdoors with the kids whether its in the barn or the side yard.  So lets just say this workout is stretch for me!!  Give me weight training, running, or 30 minute cardio with at home fitness I'm good.  Cize is cardio but it involves dancing....Perhaps it will be like wine with time it only gets better?

So if you would like to feel more confident in your own skin, shred a few lbs, tone up, do so from at home fitness, give me four weeks of your time with checking in from an online closed facebook group lets chat.  Oh and we eat well also!!  No need to count calories its more so looking at nutrition and picking better options. 
Cize test group


Oh I almost forgot to share what the results from cize, clean eating, and shakeology look like. 

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