Saturday, August 29, 2015

90 days living on a farm

90 days living on a farm

Hey there!!  It seems like forever that I sat down and shared my life in a blog post!!  Next week will be 90 days that we moved from a 950 square home on a quarter lot to 2400 square home with 32 acres to have room to raise our kids.  Since moving our family of 5 we added two horses, 10 chickens, 4 pigs, and two goats!!  Oh and let’s not forget the one late night we saw a snapping turtle (he hasn’t been back around).  It’s been a total learning experience yes I grew up on a 40 acre farm but we only ever had horses and a few barn cats. Since moving the first night we brought our new horse home she got out and let’s just say we met the neighbors in a hurry.

Weekends before we would just leave and find things to do elsewhere!  Now instead waking up getting an early morning run in and sitting down to write out a to-do list of projects I would like to work on around the farm.  In the past 90 days we’ve had lots of company over and been able to share our home with others.  I love cooking and always new each of those “kitchen” items would be used some day.  In the kitchen the pantry has an entire section to hold all these random treasures from odd size serving platters to fun cloth napkins.

I’m not going to paint a picture that this wasn’t hard work and a lot of family time was missed while my husband was working and I was home with the kids in diapers.  But creating those memories now made all the sacrifices worth it.  Most nights we load the family up in the buggy take a family ride to feed the deer, check the fencing, check the property, and just breath.  The kids might watch 30 minutes a day of TV rather Josie and Clint are out doors “digging” up my flowers with the excavator and hauling it away with their toy dump trucks.  Growing up we didn’t even have cable till I was in 7th grade and I bagged my parents to get it, I would go to school and others would be talking about what they watched.  Looking back I’m thankful for being able to say “movie” night as a family of 5 was watched on a 13” TV rented from the local store.  I wonder what our kids will grow up and remember from living on a farm. 
Clint is the same age I was when we moved to the farm I grew up on.  One of my first memories was my daddy riding his motorcycle up the back driveway and letting me ride in front of him.
In the last 90 days there has been soooo many things that needed replaced or fixed after the place being empty for 8 years from all new plumbing in and outside of the home thankful that my husband is hands on, owns an excavator, and my beachbody business.  All new gutters, all the fields mowed, fencing fix, new electrical system in the barn, barn scrapped and painted, stalls stained, new pipes in the barn, issues with the well water, all in all each project and unexpected issue is just part of moving to a place that hasn’t been maintained.  The grass was soooo long and wasn’t mowed once prior to us moving in June 1st this year. 
For each project my little man is out there helping my husband with whatever he is up to!!  He has so many ideas and I must add good ideas!!  Clint is creating his own list of projects he wants to do on the farm!!  I can’t wait to see what the next 90 days brings!  Perhaps a few more animals!!  Yes we are getting cows as well!!  Clint really would like a pet turtle and talks about it every night at bed, so we will see!!  This is our crazy life and I guess I’m the zoo keeper!!

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