Sunday, August 23, 2015

Coaching from home

Coaching from home

Hey there!!  Welcome to my blog it’s a Sunny Sunday in Pa!!  An odd time as a mother of three to have a home without little ones needing a drink, help in the bathroom, or screaming because one took a toy the other one was playing with.  I paint a picture of what 90% of my life as a mom of three looks like.  I want others to see I’m just like you!!  I started as a coach two years ago just wanting to connect with other mom’s, living in a small town a trip to the park it was odd to see others there.  Fast forward to now and I'm sitting on the patio connecting with woman from all over the United States from the comfort of our home, give me WIFI and I can work!!

Coaching from home

Two years ago I was not at my goal weight!!  I was in the middle of changing how I was eating and learning more about clean eating.  It started with as a coach that wanted  to inspire my family and let’s face it coaching becomes the ultimate accountability!!

Coaching from home

Sunday’s I know for a lot of woman can be hard, it’s time their rushing around the house in order to be out of the home 40 plus hours a week knowing their income might slowly go up at some point in time.  OR to the stay at home mom just wanting a way to earn income without having to put the kids in daycare to be able to work and provide for the family.  It's been such a blessing to show other coaches this is a real business and can truly work with their lifestyle.

Coaching from home

My coaching business is just like any business I was just running a few reports and checking where I was last July to where I am this past July and noticed my income grew 500%!!  My business mind was blown away!!  I mean I still work this business the same amount of time 20 hours a week!!  In a traditional business in order to grow your business 500% more than likely it means bigger risk, more hours, more headaches and more time invested.  Recently Bill Gates was asked if he had to do it all over again what would he change?  He would be involved in a network marketing business. 

Coaching from home

Yes income is a small part of why I wanted to build this business the other part is what truly takes place off of social media and the impact you can have on someone’s life.

 Building confidence

Saying good bye to medicine for high blood pressure

Kicking lifelong habits that could age a person

Going after a position at work

Looking their best after having kids!

So what does it take?

Well here is the thing many start few stick with it!!  You need the ability to see where you want to be well let’s keep it simple you need to be a dreamer!!  But dreaming isn’t enough to be a successful coach you must be willing to work and apply the training that is offered.  Yes I might be a coach that is signed up with one of the top coaches in the network but that means nothing if I wasn’t willing to work towards those dreams.  Being teachable is key it’s totally normal to not have a clue where to start but willing to learn!  Willing to step out of your comfort zone and understand those small choices made every day will add up to something amazing over time.  Willing to treat this business like you invest 100,000 not 40 bucks.  And that pretty much sums it up!!  I will be mentoring 5 new coaches in the month of September and showing them how to duplicate what I do, scripts will be given, social media training, weekly team calls, and access to getting in the best shape of your life from the inside out.
If you ever wondered if an at home business was right for you my team of amazing coaches would love to share with you more about what a coach does "beyond the workouts".
Coaching from home
There isn't a cookie cutter coach!!  The thing that matters is not your past but what your going to do with your life experiences to better those around you in a positive way. 
I'm a small town girl, that started with a small network, zero experience in this type of business, not leading much more than the dog on a walk to a girl when you search clean eating my name comes up, to over 15,000 followers on my like page country girl meets clean eating, and leading a team of amazing woman.
I will be hosting a 3 day closed facebook group starting this coming week to learn more about what a coach does and sharing with you on how to expand your network, how to earn income, the free trips earned, how to get started, how to work full time and coach and from there decide if this would be a good fit for you.
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